Honeywell Safety earmuffs to protect and connect

Honeywell Safety Products has released its earmuffs range built not only to protect but also to stay connected with other workers

The Honeywell Howard Leight’s electronic hearing range, from Honeywell Safety Products (HSP)—a global leader in safety solutions—is built not just for protection; it also enables workers to stay connected.


The range allows workers to communicate through Bluetooth and active directional microphones and also listen to AM and FM radio or their own audio entertainment via external outlets such as a mobile phone or audio player.

Honeywell Safety Products says their series of protection gear, which adheres to all Australian and New Zealand safety regulations, is designed to protect the hearing of employees by reducing the short- and long-term effects of hazardous noise while working in sectors such as construction, plumbing, and landscaping.

The electronic hearing range includes Sync Digital AM/FM Radio, Sync Electo OHat & HHAT, Sync Wireless Earmuff, Impact Sport Black Earmuff, Sync Stereo Earmuff, and Impact Pro Amplification Earmuff

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