Incoming: XPower Liebherr wheel loaders

XPower Liebherr wheel loaders XPower Liebherr wheel loaders
XPower Liebherr wheel loaders XPower Liebherr wheel loaders

XPower is the new generation of Liebherr’s large wheel loaders, being scheduled to hit New Zealand and Australian shores in the second half of 2016.

Marketed as an integrated, innovative machine concept that sets new standards in terms of fuel efficiency, performance, robust design and comfort; its builders saying the wheel loader represents a significant milestone in the technological history of Liebherr.

Modern design elements allow for functional advantages, which Liebherr says includes state-of-the-art bucket design with lift arm optimisation.

The heart of the wheel loader features a Euro Stage IV/Tier 4f compliant power-split drivetrain as standard. This automatically combines hydrostatic drive with mechanical drive and Liebherr says that the combination of these two drive types in a single wheel loader ensures maximum efficiency and outstanding fuel savings in every situation, enabling operators of the Liebherr XPower wheel loader to reduce their fuel consumption by up to 30 percent.

Liebherr says it has subjected this new generation of wheel loaders to the most rigorous programme of testing used to date, with the XPower wheel loaders have proving their durability over a total of more than 70,000 operating hours in a varied conventional and customer-specific applications.

XPower test machines were put to work in quarries, timber handling in sawmills, recycling companies and composting applications. The wheel loaders tested were also used to load slag at steel mills and coal handling applications. Liebherr reports that the important main components, such as the power-split transmission and the larger axles, were found to be particularly robust.

To improve operational productivity still further, Liebherr has reinforced the lift arm and optimised the lever ratio. The revised Z-bar linkage results in break-out forces that are up to 20 percent higher than those of previous machine generations.

Liebherr customers can choose between Z-bar Linkage and Industrial Linkage for the XPower L 550, L 556, L 566 and L 580 wheel loaders at no extra cost.

Z-bar linkage can be ideally suited to conventional wheel loader applications such as extraction. The optional industrial lift arm, also available at no extra cost, is best suited to uses with heavy equipment.


Along with the improvements to the lift arm, Liebherr has also re-engineered the bucket design. The optimised buckets penetrate the material more effectively to facilitate fast and efficient filling and Liebherr has also reinforced the bearings and the bucket structure. The XPower generation can use standard buckets that are between 0.2- and 0.5-cubic-metres larger, depending on the model. The standard bucket volume varies between 3.2 cubic metres for the L 550 XPower and six cubic metres for the L 586 XPower, depending on the machine model.

Load capacity is increased as a result of the mounting position of the components. Liebherr fits heavy components, such as the engine, right at the back of the machine, which shifts the centre of gravity towards the rear axle and removes the need for additional counterweight. This weight distribution is said to be ideal and results in high tipping loads and greater handling capacity per hour of operation.

Larger cab, simple maintenance

Liebherr say it developed the cab in close cooperation with wheel loader drivers to achieve the highest standards of comfort with a logically arranged cab interior that feels spacious and includes handy storage compartments. Ergonomics have been thought through down to the smallest detail with the displays, operating elements and driver’s seat forming a single ergonomic unit that can be adjusted by the driver to suit their individual needs. For example, the driver can select one of three adjustment options on the steering column.

The movement-following Liebherr operating lever is integrated into the driver’s seat as a standard feature and allows accurate and intuitive control of the working and driving functions. These investments in the comfort of the driver facilitate fatigue-free and focused work.

The cab is designed to provide outstanding visibility. The glass and window areas are larger and extend further downwards than in earlier wheel loader models, improving all-round visibility. The reversing camera, fitted as standard, is integrated into the touchscreen display. These measures – in combination with the slimmer design of the customised engine hood – ensure excellent all-round visibility and therefore maximum safety for operator and machine.

The machine operator’s daily work is made trouble-free thanks to a range of features. For instance, the engine hood opens backwards, providing quick access to the engine for maintenance work. The most important maintenance areas are close to the cab and can be checked with ease. A safety step mounted on the cab makes safe cleaning of the windscreen easier.

The radiator is located immediately behind the operator’s cab in the cleanest area of the wheel loader. In this position, the cooling system can aspirate air with a low dust content, which ensures consistent and reliable cooling performance. The intelligent design solutions reduce maintenance and increase the service life of the cooling system. Equipment options, such as a reversible fan drive, fluff filter or a wide-meshed radiator protects the cooling system against pollution during particularly dusty operations.

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