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By: Steve Atkinson, Photography by: Steve Atkinson

Morooka is one brand that stands out for its progress in the design and manufacturing of tracked carriers


Since its inception, Morooka has cemented its legacy as one of the pioneers in the heavy equipment sector, forging pathways in mostly water-sodden and rugged terrain environments with their innovative transport methods, extending the reach of heavy machinery to areas once thought to be inaccessible.

Morookas allow for work in previously inaccessible areas

The origins of innovation

Morooka Co., Ltd traces its roots back to 1958 in Japan, a country known for its rugged terrains, where it pioneered solutions to overcome such challenges.

The business was established with a vision to create machinery that could traverse any terrain, no matter how rugged or slippery. The inception of Morooka’s tracked carrier was driven by this vision, meeting the needs of industries ranging from construction and forestry to agriculture and beyond.

The founders of Morooka recognised early on the limitations of wheeled vehicles in unstable and challenging environments. They set out to design a vehicle that could offer superior traction, greater stability, and enhanced load-carrying capabilities.

The result was the development of the first Morooka tracked carrier, which today we take for granted.

The evolution of Morooka Tracked Carriers

While the business had been operational from the late 1950s, according to Morooka’s corporate literature, it appears their first forays into serious machinery (or machinery worth talking about) wasn’t until the early 1970s.

These efforts were focussed on a hydraulic trencher, bulldozer, and tracked carrier. While it’s difficult to obtain specific data regarding its sale, the income must have been satisfactory, as the business survived in what was a congested market even back then.

Morooka moved ahead when their partnership with Bridgestone developed the rubber track system

While Morooka has been producing tracked machines for a long time, it’s probably fair to say that the machinery really came into its own around the early 1980s, after a partnership with Bridgestone delivered a durable rubber track design that enabled the carriers
to reduce their ground pressure and widened the range of terrain the machinery could operate on with causing undue damage.

The versatile track system exerts less pressure than a human foot

Importantly, the rubber feet gave a point of difference and contributed to operator comfort, in the process, changing the perspective from a thing-to-move-stuff-on-tracks to a purpose-built tracked carrier.

Over the years, Morooka’s commitment to innovation and improvement has seen the tracked carrier evolve significantly. Early models were praised for their robustness and versatility, but Morooka did not rest on its laurels.

Continuous research and development efforts have led to advancements in carrier design, engine performance, and material quality, making today’s Morooka tracked carriers more efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly than ever before.

The latest models with modern drivetrains, operator comfort, and easy mobility, along with 360-degree upper body rotation are an example of how far the brand has come in recent years.

What sets Morooka apart from its competitors is not just the quality of its machines but also its willingness to adapt and customise, which has resulted in numerous variations available, using the tracked undercarriage as a base.

The brand is known for providing varying platform applications

Understanding that every project has unique requirements, Morooka has expanded its product range to include carriers of varying sizes and capacities, helping ensure there’s a model to suit almost every type of application.

Partnering with industry giants

Mineral exploration is just one application Morookas are used for

The company has forged strong partnerships with several leading manufacturers across different sectors. Supplying high-quality tracked chassis and undercarriages, Morooka has become a go-to choice for companies looking to enhance the mobility and durability of their machinery, which according to available information, includes Caterpillar, Hitachi, and Komatsu, Kubota, Iseki, and Mitsubishi.

The notable heavyweights in the construction and mining industries have integrated Morooka’s tracked technology into some of their own equipment, and the collaborations nod towards Morooka’s engineering excellence and its role as a trusted supplier in the heavy equipment ecosystem.

A legacy built on adaptability and excellence

Today, around the world, Morooka’s tracked carriers are a common sight at construction and mining sites, logging projects, and disaster recovery operations. The company’s dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has led to a loyal following among heavy equipment enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Morooka continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in heavy machinery, with ongoing investments in technology and sustainability.

The promise of electric and hybrid models speaks to Morooka’s vision for an alternative fossil fuel future, illustrating the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility without compromising on performance.

Pioneering spirit


The story of Morooka is one of pioneering spirit, relentless innovation, and an unwavering commitment to solving the challenges of mobility in construction and beyond.

From the rugged terrains of Japan to the construction sites of the world, Morooka tracked carriers have proven their worth time and again.

As the company looks forward to the future, one thing remains clear: the tracks of Morooka’s carriers will continue to leave an indelible mark on the landscape of heavy equipment.

For enthusiasts and users of heavy machinery, Morooka’s legacy offers a rich narrative of engineering triumphs, a lineage of innovation, and a future full of possibilities.

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