Screening and crushing: Boss Attachments

The FPV Pulverizer Series has been designed to deliver increased production and performance for secondary demolition and recycling

Stacked high and ready to fly

"An OSA FPV Pulveriser owned by a Nelson contractor is still going strong despite six very busy years and with 4200 hours under its belt," says Paul Herbison of Boss Attachments.

"It’s worth noting, however, that this sort of impressive performance is commonplace from our OSA range and of real significance, this one is still on its first set of teeth."

Go-to brand

Boss founder Livio Pace (right) with an OSA RS primary demolition tool

Manufactured in Italy, OSA has become an international ‘go-to’ brand for many contractors. At OSA, the focus on improving production, safety, and environmental sustainability is an ever-evolving priority.

This policy has led the development of a product range designed to deliver in every way, the manufacturer says, from improved production that has grown threefold in the past five years, increased site safety, and reduced fuel inputs to reduced waste discharge and minimal equipment downtime.

"Boss is now the leading international distributor for OSA and during the past 15 years, we’ve developed an outstanding association with the company," says Paul.

"During this time, I think we’ve helped OSA grow from a small-unknown brand
to become an international leader. That close relationship is certainly also helped by the fact that Boss founder Livio Pace has Italian parents and speaks the language fluently."

Work harder for longer

The MC40 Multi System can handle almost every type of primary or secondary demolition

Designed and built to work harder for longer, OSA says its range is manufactured using the finest quality raw materials, including Hardox and Strenx, which includes attachments for both primary and secondary demolition.  

Today, OSA is recognised as a benchmark for demolition equipment and says its world-leading range of demolition attachments is a brand of choice when it comes to the demolition and handling of concrete structures, processing of concrete, demolition of steel structures, and scrapyard processing.

The wider OSA range includes the following demolition attachments:

  • RS Primary Demolition tools — for concrete crushing
  • FPV Pulveriser — for pulverising and recycling
  • of demo materials
  • MC Multi System — delivering powerful cutting and crushing in a single tool
  • RV Demolition Tool — for primary and secondary demolition
  • SH Demolition Shear — with 360-degree rotation for precision performance
  • GR Rotating Grabs — precision rotation for a wide range of materials
  • HM Hydraulic Hammers — ideal for extreme quarry or demolition work
  • LIV Tree Shear — massive jaw opening and power

OSA aftersales service helps put them in a class of their own and this helps ensure that Boss NZ always has product in stock or readily available from their Australian operation.

"Right now, for example, we have more than 40 pieces of OSA equipment in stock here and in Australia, so we have no problem meeting clients’ needs quickly," says Paul.

For more information, contact Paul Herbison at 027 290 830 or visit

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