Screening and crushing: Keestrack K4 screen

The Keestrack K4 screen is proving to be popular with Berkett Aggregates's Glengarry quarry manager

The plant produces 200T an hour of 40mm product and 150T of sand

Glengarry quarry manager for Berkett Aggregates explains how to get the best out of screens and crushers, where the business has been supplying 40mm crushed aggregate for a wind farm job in Hawke’s Bay and drawing out the 15mm sand.

Gavin says they overfeed the Keestrack K4 screen

Gavin Beswick says they overfeed the Keestrack K4 screen, which allows fines to flow into the crusher and this helps crush down all the smaller stones. This then feeds onto the stacker conveyor and frees up the loader for moving sand and loading trucks. 

"We’ve had the stacker now for about 12 months and honestly, it’s become like my best friend; it’s freed up our loader drivers a lot. It pretty much does the job of a whole loader," says Gavin.

"We’ve got 45 truck and trailer loads per day, so we need to be moving this product; this machine, it’s got very high output, so it helps a lot."

In its current configuration, the plant is producing 200 tonnes an hour of 40mm product and 150 tonnes an hour of sand.

"It’s 350-tonne an hour with the whole set-up, so you don’t have to worry about running out of material," says Gavin.

"All you have to worry about is putting the stuff in and having enough material to put in the set-up.

"Anyone else looking at getting into quarrying, this is the gear to get. I was always wondering what it would be like, as it hasn’t been around for years, but the proof’s in the pudding. This set-up here has gone hard for 12 months now, running it in tough conditions and it’s stood up," says Gavin.

"I’m regularly checking everything, going around all my scrapers, rollers, and belts are in line. Then as soon as everything’s sweet, I can just let it eat, and it just pumps it out.

"We’re always going to have teething issues. Equip2 is always on the ball; I ring them straightaway and they’re usually here the next day or they talk to me on the phone on how to resolve the issues."

In summary, Gavin says, "The output is ridiculous, really."

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