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A quick look at the mid-size machine attachments available at Waratah

Waratah has a line-up of non-complicated harvesting and handling attachments

Leading equipment supplier to the forestry industry, Waratah, is on a quest to educate equipment owners about their range of forestry attachments suited to mid-sized machines.

Waratah grapples are known for versatility and strength

Their focus for the current campaign isn’t on logging companies that harvest hundreds of hectares of standing trees; it’s on those working smaller blocks of land, processors of felled wood, and other businesses toying with the idea of tackling work in a more mechanised manner. Think arborists, firewood processors, and general contractors who’ve been carrying out post-cyclone clean-ups or considering alternative work for their equipment.

It’s here that Waratah has lined up a range of non-complicated harvesting and handling attachments, in what they say are cost-effective and simple pieces of equipment to set up and start operating.

Moipu heads


The Grapple Shear Head features an electric-free installation

Built by Finnish manufacturer, Moipu is designed to be durable, lightweight, and low maintenance. The Grapple Shear Head and Grapple Saw are suited for numerous machine applications, from telehandlers to tractors, trucks, and excavators.

Popular due to its ease of use and installation, Moipu products are a popular choice worldwide for forward-thinking businesses. Available in three sizes, the Moipu Grapple Shear Head features an electric-free installation and with its twin blades is designed to shear through trees or limbs up to 45cm in diameter.

The Moipu Grapple Saw, available in two sizes, enables the felling of trees up to 63cm in diameter. Saw control is carried out by a 12-volt radio control unit, allowing for ease of use and straightforward set-up on the machine.


Waratah has several ‘built-to-work’ grapples, from the 260S model through to their heavy-duty RS models. Affordably priced from under $5000 to just over $8000, grapple users attest to the versatility and strength they have come to know from Waratah-supplied products.

Suited to numerous applications other than just forestry, the grapples can be fitted to self-loading trucks, excavators, forwarders, and other similar machines. Grapples along with hydraulic rotators and spare parts are available in stock from Waratah, so they can be supplied quickly to customers.  

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