Product feature: Morooka MST110CR tracked dumper

By: Steve Atkinson, Photography by: Supplied

One of the recent arrivals at the Magnum Equipment yard in West Auckland is the latest model Morooka MST110CR tracked dumper

The MST110CR is powered by a CAT C7.1 engine

Designed for an 11-tonne payload, it supersedes the similar capacity MST-2200VDR, with the new model being easily differentiated on the exterior by the lower engine cowling and low-lying fuel tank at the rear of the cab.


The biggest noticeable change is inside the cab, where the travel levers that were once positioned on the floor, similar to excavators, have now been moved to two joystick controls.

The left-hand joystick controls all travel and speed functions

One control is used for the travel functions of the machine, while the other is used for tipping functions and slewing of the upper body. "This is one of the first types of the new model in the country," says Magnum Equipment founder and director Liam Field.


"The original model was the MST-2200VDR and has been changed to MST110CR on the new model, as there were significant manufacturing differences, although, they have the same payload capacity. Notably, the 110 in the model name signifies the weight it’s designed to carry, so that helps avoid confusion."

Moving spoil

MST110CR 旋回 360.png

Powered by a CAT C7.1 engine with a rated output of 186kW(250hp)@2200rpm, the MST110CR is more than ready for moving spoil on challenging sites. The engine is compliant with exhaust emission regulations, EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage IV.

This significantly reduces emissions of PM (particulate matter) and NOx (nitrogen oxides), contributing to environmental protection and, importantly, the health of workers in the near vicinity of the operating machine.

Similar to most excavators, an ‘Auto Decel’ function automatically lowers the engine speed when the machine idles for a certain period of time, improving fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions and noise.

The upper body  can slew 360 degrees

Like the previous model, the new MST110CR has the capability to slew the upper tipping body 360 degrees, making it sought-after for awkward job sites or areas where turning space is at a premium for loading and tipping.

Heaped payload is more than 6m3

The 4.36 cubic metre bin will hold a heaped 6.17 cubic metres of material and move it at speeds up to 11.8km per hour across most types of terrain, including soft marshy ground, thanks to the low-ground pressure Bridgestone-made rubber tracks.

Ground level access engine servicing

"The dump body is certified Hardox, which improves durability and extends the lifespan," says Liam. "The rubber track system on Morookas was specially designed by Bridgestone, and I understand that they are exclusively made for this brand. The durability on them is outstanding and the way they are designed contributes to the comfortable ride operators experience."

Operating station

The monitor has been positioned on the right-hand A-pillar

Other than the different control set-up and additional available vision for the operator as mentioned previously, internally, users will notice that caution lamps and the monitor display have been centralised on the right-hand side of the operator seat.

Items such as the status of the machine, including fuel level, voltage, and engine rotation are notified by caution indicators and can be easily checked when an issue occurs.

The electric control travel joystick on the left-hand side is specifically for driving and includes the integrated horn button and high/low speed switches, meaning everything that’s related to the travel of the machine is situated on one lever.

Compared to the earlier model, this set-up should significantly reduce operator fatigue and allow a better driving posture. The ‘Super Slow’ mode can be ideal for slow-speed operation. Operators can drive with confidence in situations that require slow speeds, such as narrow roads, shuffling into better positions for loading, transportation, and parking.

Safety design

As is common with quality equipment to protect operators these days, the cab is compatible with ROPS (Rollover Protection Structure) and FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure). Operators can stop the vehicle’s engine by pressing the emergency stop switch.

The engine will not start unless the parking brake has been applied and a safety lock lever is positioned on the left side of the operator’s seat.

On the upper part of the cabin, a large LED headlight provides significant illumination on those early-start mornings, while the rear-view camera allows the operator to check the safety of the surrounding area and working in conjunction with the large corner mirror reduces any likely blind spots from the driver’s seat.

Overall length of the MST110CR is 6000mm

"These Morookas are designed to keep working in off-road conditions where every other tip truck has been parked. The specs of the new MST110CR offer a completely different driving experience to previous models, and I’m quite confident that this machine will tick the boxes of everyone who uses it," says Liam.

Minimum ground clearance is 570mm

Morooka MST110CR tracked dumper specifications

Operating weight 16,000kg
Engine CAT C7.1
Power 186kW(250hp) @2200rpm
Max payload 11,000kg
Heaped load capacity 6.17m3
Max speed (high/low) 11.8/7.6km/h
Ground pressure empty 35.4kPa
Overall length 6000mm
Overall width 2980mm
Overall height 3280mm
Mindground clearance 570mm
Track width 800mm
Dump bed inner 3050x2750x535mm

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