Demolition and recycling: Komplet Krokodile

Komplet Krokodile is a versatile machine that processes everything from asphalt and construction material to household waste, green waste, and more

Krokodile processing dry wood

Developing a circular economy is a win-win for everyone. Consumers can dispose of their waste with a good conscience, the planet is more sustainable as finite resources are consumed, and the recycler gets to turn waste into product.

Although this concept is not new, technology has enabled us to recycle more cost-efficiently. Meet the Komplet Krokodile — an innovative slow-speed shredder. The versatile machine processes everything from asphalt and construction material to household waste, green waste, pallets, and even soft rocks, such as limestone.


The Komplet Krokodile can be operated with ease and runs on an automated setting. A remote control allows the machine to be loaded and operated by a single person.

Unlike an operator of a traditional crusher, who must understand how a crusher functions, keeping it fed properly, undertake complex maintenance, and also run the risk of significant costs if a foreign metal object or oversize enters the crusher, the Krokodile sidesteps such complications.

Oversize reinforced concrete at 100tph

If it encounters an item that cannot be shredded, it safely stops and allows quick removal.
The Krokodile allows an operator without crushing experience to achieve more than 100tph to process construction waste and concrete (with rebar), from any size that will fit in the shaft down to 60mm in a single pass.

General waste shredding

New Zealand distributor Sanland says the machine has not only met but exceeded their expectations. Furthermore, after crushing a few stockpiles of construction waste in the morning, it can seamlessly be moved to another location to process up to 20tph in general waste and wood waste in the afternoon.

Adjustable sidewalls allow for a closed side setting of 60 to 150mm, altering product size. Steel in concrete up to 16mm is easily processed and separated by an overband magnet.

The Krokodile is also designed with manoeuvrability in mind. At a compact size and weighing in at only 16 tonnes, it punches leagues above its weight.

Significant subsidy

Sanland says the machine has been qualified for a government waste reduction fund and is also eligible for ‘green loans’, allowing customers to purchase the Krokodile at a significant subsidy.

"This machine is said to be in its own class of potential and we’ve never seen a single machine with such potential as this and are proud to be introducing it into New Zealand, helping take big steps towards a circular economy," says Sanland. 

For pre-processing or additional recycling capabilities, Sanland offers modular screeners, conveyors, aggregate blending plants, concrete reclaiming, and material washing equipment to further enhance recycling capabilities.

All are available in Auckland. All recycling equipment are easy to maintain and come with a comprehensive local supply of spare parts.

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