Demolition and recycling: Edge Slayer XL

The Edge Slayer XL is a robust compact shredder whose core function is waste reduction, breaking down construction, and demolition of waste materials into smaller manageable chunks

The Edge Slayer XL is mobile and easy to manoeuvre with a tight turning circle

The machine comes with different options for recycling. With different shaft set-ups available, the grain size can be adjusted and the machine customised to suit different trash types, such as tyres, compost, green waste, timber-related materials, and municipal waste.

When used onsite at landfill processing centres, the Edge Slayer XL helps to maximise the amount of waste that can be packed into a rubbish site, ensuring owners get the optimal return from their site capacity. When used offsite, it can downsize the debris, reducing wasted space and allowing cartage operators to carry more.

90,000Nm of torque

Capable of generating up to 90,000Nm of torque, there’s a lot to love about the machine. It’s all made possible by a grunty CAT C9.3-litre engine that powers a huge hydraulic pump, providing the pressure to turn two large hydraulic motors.

Each is connected to one of the two shafts that are low-geared to generate enormous output, turning intermeshed teeth that do all the chomping. 

Oversized material can be safely positioned over the top of the shredding chamber

Onboard sensors help reduce fuel burn by adjusting the load and torque to the shredding chamber. When under low load, the Slayer will reduce engine output and automatically ramp it upwards when required.

If something is difficult to crush, the shafts will also reverse and then try again. Slow-speed shredders like the Slayer XL have low dust, and with the slower speed comes less noise — a big plus for those working nearby, which is often the case at landfills and recycling centres. 

Operational use

Good maintenance access allows the machine to service and work on. The machine is also user-friendly, with not a ton of levers to navigate through. Once the machine is set up and configured to suit the waste material being processed, it’s a straightforward one-button push to start/stop the machine. 

While the machine is heavy, it’s also compact. The bulk versus track frame means it’s mobile and easy to manoeuvre with a tight turning circle. The handheld remote is simple to operate, making it easy and safe for the operator to position the machine.

The heavy-duty hardened steel tracks add great traction and are well-suited to waste environments. An adjustable magnet belt overhangs the start of the main conveyor and is adjustable, allowing collection of metal waste, such as rebar, nails, and other loose metallic objects.

It’s a feature that offers the ability of a side hustle: scrap metal recycling. The high walls surrounding the shredding chamber give plenty of reassurance to the operating crew and allow oversized material to be safely positioned over the top of the shredding chamber.

Throw in the fact that the machine uses top-of-the-line automation and there’s a lot on offer with this cost-saving machine that’s all about efficiency, both in terms of its design and outputs. 

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