Product feature: Hidromek at bauma 2022

At bauma 2022, Hidromek launched new models and introduced their new generation Hidromek NEXT machines and new remote-working operator cabin

Hidromek had a significant presence at one of Europe’s most popular trade fairs for construction machinery, held in Munich, Germany in late October 2022, exhibiting a wide range from its product groups.

The new generation

bauma 2022 showcased numerous innovative models

The Turkish manufacturer introduced their next new generation machines, appropriately named HIDROMEK NEXT, consisting of the HMK 140 LC crawler excavator, 13-tonne HMK 130 CS soil compactor, and HMK 600 MG motor grader. Other new models on display included the larger HMK 160 CS soil compactor, HMK 635 WL and HMK 640 WL wheel loaders, and the smaller HMK 280 MG motor grader.

The HMK 140 LC crawler excavator is equipped with an inclination sensor, swing sensor, e-dig wall, and e-trench systems, together with Lidar technology.

The new models that include the HMK 130 CS soil compactor and HMK 680 MG motor grader are also equipped with Lidar technology, which consists of laser detection to determine distance from objects, enabling the system to provide safe work zones around the Hidromek machines.

"Hidromek’s 16-tonne HMK 160 CS compactor is of particular interest to us. We’re looking forward to introducing these to the market," says Liam Field, New Zealand Hidromek distributor Magnum Equipment’s founder and director, who attended the event for three days.

Hidromek Opera

Opera technology allows any connected Hidromek machine to be remotely operated

The manufacturer says their Opera technology allows operators to use any connected Hidromek machine remotely and showcased the technology at bauma with a HMK 630 WL wheel loader.

By understanding the habits of operators, Hidromek’s Opera system enables the remote controlling of a connected machine, such as wheel loaders, excavators, motor graders, soil compactors, and backhoe loaders from a purpose-built remotely located operator’s station.

The design of the operator station follows the styling lines of the latest Hidromek machines and simulates the interior feel of a real machine, allowing the operator a comfortable and psychological connection with the work being carried out.

New K4 series backhoe loaders

Hidromek’s fourth generation K4 Series backhoes included the HMK 62 SS mini crawler backhoe loader

Numerous models from Hidromek’s latest fourth-generation backhoe loader K4 Series were displayed at the fair. The company says the K4 Series offers powerful performance, versatility, and comfort with its superior technology and unique design.

Joysticks have been integrated into the operator’s seat and have an auto-tilt feature, patented by Hidromek, which automatically lifts the steering column when the operator switches to backhoe operations and rotates the seat.

Designed for operating in low-height conditions and perhaps inspired by crawler loaders of the past, Hidromek’s HMK 62 SS mini crawler backhoe loader was one of the K4 models on display. A sister model, the HMK 62 TC mini crawler backhoe loader, can support a number of different attachments, such as woodchipper, auger, concrete mixer, rotary slasher, mulcher, and Cambridge roller.

Latest midi excavators H4 series

HMK 85 CP – TCC 60 in crane configuration

The latest H4 series excavators on display at bauma 2022 included many of the larger models the manufacturer has become known for, along with the newly introduced HMK 65 ZT and HMK 85 SR, the smallest excavator models to be made by the manufacturer.

The HMK 65 ZT (ZT=zero tail) weighs in at 6.5 tonnes and is expected to be a popular model in the range and New Zealand will start seeing these models in the near future.

"The HMK 65 ZT is the smallest excavator Hidromek has produced to date, and I’ve had a number of customers asking about these, so we will be introducing this one and the larger eight-tonne model (HMK 85 SR) soon," says Liam.

The H4 Series HMK 85 CP (CP=crawler platform) is a variation of the eight-tonne model that can be supplied as a multi-purpose machine and can work with a telescopic loader or telescopic crane. This could prove popular on small to mid-size commercial construction sites.

HMK 520 LC HD – easier transportation

The HMK 520 LC HD can be mechanically narrowed for easier transportation

With the width of the latest 50-tonne HMK 520 LC HD excavator able to be mechanically narrowed for transportation, the manufacturer says moving the large machine between job sites will be made easier.

With the excavator capable of being narrowed to meet the road regulations or for shipment, owners will benefit from reduced transport and regulation costs.

"What I saw at bauma was the next progression of the company," says Liam, "from their double-storey pavilion to entertain customers through to the new models and plans for the future. It’s something we at Magnum Equipment are enthusiastic to promote in New Zealand."

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