Product profile: Boss Attachments demo range

A quick look at Boss Attachments demolition range that includes brands such as Xcentric, Antraquip, OSA, Fortress, and more

OSA Grapples provide full 360 degree rotation

Today’s professional demolition contractors are faced with a wide range of compliance requirements so Boss Attachments says they have tailored their range to ensure clients are able to enjoy the best of both worlds—maximise production and minimise environmental footprint.

"Our range of world leading-demolition brands has been selected with those environmental requirements in mind," says Boss Attachments managing director Paul Herbison. As Paul points out, increased production also provides the benefit of reduced time on-site, significant fuel savings, and better financial returns.

Xcentric Crusher Buckets

Xcentric Crusher Buckets are a game changer for contractors

An example of this comprehensive strategy is the company’s technically advanced Xcentric Crusher Bucket range. "As well as generating at least 35% higher production than conventional buckets, on-site crushing with the Xcentric Crusher Bucket also allows for better recycling, a significant reduction in heavy vehicle movements, and demands on diminishing landfill resources."

Xcentric Rippers

Xcentric Rippers deliver significant production gains

The Xcentric Ripper range can also provide significant environmental benefits via precise operating, together with quicker and quieter functionality than blasting or breakers.

Client feedback shows that Xcentric Rippers are up to five times more productive than conventional breakers. At a recent Sydney client project, an XR42 Ripper was used to demolish 800mm thick reinforced concrete and reduced the scheduled job time from one month to just six days. Another client commented that his XR20 had outperformed a D10-sized dozer.

OSA and Fortress shears

Boss is the agent for both OSA and Fortress, represented by the Shearcore range—a brand globally recognised as one of the most powerful and best-performing shears. 

"At first glance, people may see Fortress and our existing OSA range as competing brands, but they each actually occupy quite different market segments," says Paul.

"OSA shears fit well with the general contracting market, and Fortress is an ideal shear for the dedicated recycling, scrap, or demolition operator who’s pushing their gear to the absolute limit 24/7.

"The Fortress shears are in a class of their own, and we have a massive FS95R, which can generate more than 1800 tonnes of cutting force, arriving shortly."

GR Rotating Grapple

The extensive OSA range of demolition equipment includes the GR Rotating Grapple that has proven to be extremely popular with contractors on both sides of the Tasman and throughout the Pacific.

"Contractors tell us that they can reduce building demolition times by around 30%, plus, the grapple’s 360-degree rotation allows for precision demolition, as well as easy separation and sorting of site materials by type," says Paul.

Gauss and Motofog

Rounding out a specialised and environmentally friendlier demolition equipment range are Gauss Hydraulic Circular Electromagnetic Lifters, designed to deliver a compact, all-in-one solution for heavy-duty handling of iron and steel, and portable Motofog Spray Cannons, which include diesel and electric-powered options to deliver outstanding mobility for dust control.

Antraquip Milling Heads

The Antraquip Milling Head range, which operates with little or no micro-cracking outside the excavation line, provides contractors with an alternative to breakers or blasting. These versatile attachments can be used for soil mixing and remediation as well as demolition of reinforced concrete.

For more information, contact Paul Herbison 027 290 8306 or visit

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