Product profile: Active VMA forestry machinery

Make mulching easy with Active VMA's FAE forestry machinery

Forestry tiller

Active VMA Engineering solutions is a Rotorua-based company serving customers over the past 25 years. In 2008, Active VMA took on the market-leading FAE franchise for New Zealand and since then, the company said it has never looked back.

Over the past 13 years, Active VMA says sales of the FAE brand has been increasing, especially in the last five years when FAE machines have become highly popular due to their versatility and durability.

Excavator mulcher

"Many contractors and landowners are now realising the benefits of using a mulcher that can be excavator, skid steer, or tractor-mounted to clear land quickly and cost-effectively, compared to what was common practice in previous years," says Ray Copland, attachment product manager for Active VMA.

Skid steer mulcher

"What landowners have done in the past and are still doing to this day is pulling trees out, then carting them into a big pile for burning at a later date. There’s a gradual shift away from burning, especially in urban areas where local council authorities are getting strict on carbon dioxide emissions.

"Based on current practice, when you crunch the numbers, the whole cost can become a time-consuming and expensive operation, compared to mulching. With doing one or two passes with an FAE fixed-tooth machine, you’re left with nicely broken-down material, plus, the landowner benefits from the much-needed nutrients, which are put back into the soil."

Active VMA has several customers using FAE tractor-mounted forestry tillers that have gear-driven rotor working to depths of 200 to 400mm, mulching the stumps and slash into the soil. It’s an ideal solution to deal with forestry slash after harvesting operations.

The finished result of a mulched area allows the landowner to get their land back into production faster, with replanting made easier and the new trees getting a good start, thanks to nutrients being released from mulch that’s been incorporated into the healthy soil.

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