Product feature: Extractor Telescoping Arm

A quick look at the award-winning Extractor Telescoping Arm at Boss Attachments

The Boss Extractor Telescoping Arm can operate at depths of up to 50m

Boss Attachments recently took out the Attachment of the Year at the 2021 Australian Earthmoving Awards.

"The award is for our very innovative Extractor Telescoping Arm," says Paul Herbison of Boss Attachments NZ.

"It recognises the Boss Extractors’ ability to significantly increase project production capability and the safety of both the operator and machine.

"It’s seen as the world’s safest and technologically advanced telescopic clamshell. The extractor can deliver significant increases to extraction rates, especially when it comes to high performance in bulk load-out of deep excavation works," he says.

Designed in a joint venture project between Boss Attachments and ShearPower Corp. Canada, the Extractor Telescopic Clamshell has been developed with performance-enhancing features that can deliver high productivity, durability, and reduced service intervals, enabling it to provide ultra-fast cycle times and reduce deep excavation bulk load-out costs by 75%, says Boss Attachments.

Boss Extractor Telescopic Arm  reduces deep excavation bulk load-out costs by 75%

"The Extractors’ telescopic clamshell is uniquely suitable for complex and challenging excavation projects, can operate at depths of up 50 meters, and it sets a whole new industry standard for Tier 1 type projects," says Paul.

A key feature of the Telescopic Arm is the fully integrated auto lockout system that helps deliver a high level of safety. The device prevents the telearm from being tilted beyond nine degrees minus or positive, keeping the excavator well within the safety stability zone.

A touchscreen module interfaces with the operational workings and diagnostics and displays the following key data: wire rope monitoring, bucket landing, backfill function, hour meter, service interval metering, and even headlight switching.

Other important features include multiple steel wires, each one with a safety load rating of more than five times the load. This means that in the unlikely event one rope should fail, the other will hold the telescopic arm firmly in place.

"A twin camera system gives 360-degree views of both the bucket and landing area at all times and easy access panels allow for quick and hassle-free maintenance at all times," says Paul.

A unique ‘Bolt-On Top’ mounting plate allows the telearm to be easily swapped between multiple site excavators of differing brands, removing the need for a dedicated base carrier excavator.

An additional counterweight is also incorporated between the machine and the original counterweight and allows the machine to be used for a variety of operations on the job and can help increase overall levels of productivity.

"What’s important about this award is the fact that it recognises an attachment that has been designed by a team who have the experience and understanding of the types of projects and the extreme conditions that our equipment have to operate in," says Paul. 

"It’s also another example of the major production benefits that can be gained by a ‘one man—one machine’ type operation."

For more information, contact Paul Herbison 027 290 8306 or visit

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