Product feature: Komplet Krokodile

Efficient and versatile, the Komplet Krokodile gives you all the advantages of mobile shredding while being compact

The Komplet Krokodile slow-speed shredder

Two years ago, Andrew Tomkins from Sanland Equipment Ltd went to Senigallia, near San Marino on the Adriatic Sea in Italy, to visit equipment manufacturer Komplet. At the time, Sanland was working with them on a new machine, a mobile, light 800x500 jaw crusher.

While there, they showed Andrew a new product being made for the European recycling market; it was the Komplet Krokodile slow-speed shredder. "It was a very diverse machine that could reduce volume on waste in recycling plants, but its party piece was the rate at which it could crush concrete," says Andrew.

"I watched as an excavator held a large slab of concrete metres long and fed it into the Krokodile, like you would paper into a paper shredder." Sanland was so impressed with the machine that an order was placed, and there’s one now on the way to New Zealand.

Fast-change shaft cassettes

The Krokodile has different shaft cassettes for processing different materials

The Komplet Krokodile has fast-change shaft cassettes for interchanging between concrete and wood/general waste. The change is said to take under an hour. The general waste shafts are sharp-pointed to give good cutting and penetration, while the concrete shafts are designed to crush concrete while snipping any reinforcing bar.

Load-sensing gearboxes

The shredder has hydraulically driven gearboxes with load-sensing and independent speed control that work out the best speed to crush at and when to back off and have another go the material.

Shredding capabilities

The machine is designed to work through pallets and green waste

The machines are also now being used in Europe extensively for asphalt recycling. 
"The shredder doesn’t create the broken faces that a lot of crushers make when breaking up the asphalt, so less bitumen is needed to reuse the product," says Andrew.

The machine is designed to work through pallets and green waste at an incredible rate and can even be used for whiteware and car tyres. "Having worked with large 1000hp high-speed shredders, the rate at which the Krokodile processed stumps and chunk wood wasn’t comparable to something that size, but to compare a 50-tonne 1000hp machine with this 14-tonne 220hp machine isn’t fair," says Andrew.

Versatile and economical

At 14 tonnes and with a hook lift, the Krokodile is designed for a contractor to move the machine to the bulky waste and reduce it for economical movement or to recycle product on-site for clean fill back into the hole it just left.

"A jaw crusher suitable to do the large slab work of New Zealand buildings is normally close to 50 tonnes, which can be expensive to move," says Andrew. "The Krokodile can handle the same size slab but can be transported on trucks that most recycling firms already have.

Also, the Krokodile will sell for about half the price of the jaw crusher for the same job, and it will do much more than just concrete."

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