Product feature: Keestrack machinery

Featuring the latest innovation, Keestrack machinery is built to save fuel costs and increase production

All of Keestrack’s machinery features the latest innovations

One of Keestrack’s long-term commitments has been to build machines that save fuel costs and increase production, increasing the customers’ profit per tonne.

All of Keestrack’s machinery features the latest innovations in power units, drive systems, hydraulic pumps, and direct drive electric machine options, New Zealand distributor Equip2 says.

In their pursuit of reduced cost and increased uptime for businesses, their load-sensing pump and E Series technology is at the foremost.

Load-sensing pumps

Keestrack uses load-sensing pumps in all diesel-powered machines

Unique to Keestrack is their use of load-sensing pumps in all diesel-powered machines, Equip2 says. The distributor adds that piston and restrictor pumps used in other brands produce a set amount of power.

The pump then restricts hydraulic oil flow to components based on the settings, wasting precious energy through heat and other inefficiencies. Load-sensing pumps are designed to produce and send power to components based on the load required to meet the set parameters, meaning hydraulic pressure is made to meet demand.

Load-sensing pumps can save up to 25% energy compared to other types, are just as reliable, save on wear costs to components, and reduce the amount of hydraulic fluid required in a tank, Equip2 says.

Improving machine production

Equip2 adds that they measure fuel usage by per tonne of material produced instead of per machine usage hour. The ultimate output is the material it makes, so it’s best to measure the fuel used to create the material, not the fuel used during the machine’s running time.

Keestrack builds their machines to run at optimum production ratios by having the most efficient components. Keestrack gets more of the right material on the ground with the least fuel used, Equip2 says.

This is demonstrated by having the right size crushing and screening components, such as larger rotors on the impact crushers to increase inertia, reduce the energy required, or more efficient drive motors for belts and feeders.

Keestrack electric

Buyers need to know they do not need to reduce production to save fuel

Equip2 says Keestrack is leading the field in hybrid and full-electric mobile machinery. Highly flexible in their deployment, the E-Series of Keestrack equipment features hybrid diesel power units and electric motors to reduce resource consumption.

Utilising E-motors instead of hydraulic motors, the machines are said to have more power for less consumption and fewer wearable parts. They can be set up to use the on-board genset, with an additional saving of 50% in fuel usage compared to the traditional diesel-powered machines of the same size, Equip2 says.

Additionally, when set up to run from the grid, the E-Series of Keestrack machines use up to 70% less power than their equivalent diesel-powered machines and dramatically reduce carbon and noise emissions.

Overall, Equip2 says buyers need to know that they do not need to reduce production to save fuel; in fact, it’s quite the opposite: increase production and reduce fuel usage.

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