Product profile: Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR

HiPERFLOOR is a complete concrete surface finishing system from Husqvarna that enhances the beauty, strength, and abrasion resistance of the floor


Youngman Richardson’s (YRCO) Scott McBreen, Husqvarna Construction product manager for New Zealand, was recently called in to consult about a new Fresh Choice supermarket being developed on the grounds of Auckland’s Alexandra Park Trotting Club in Epsom.

Fresh Choice operator/owner Chris Harris wanted to make sure that the floor was a key component in the planned high-end supermarket fit​-​out. Subsequently, Scott was involved from the early specification stages to ensure that the promise of a Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR premium floor finish was achieved.

The premium finish was specified for this particular retail setting, as it has a decorative high-gloss finish for exposed aggregate floors. The result is a flat and reflective floor that creates an extremely durable and high-quality finish where hygiene and ease of cleaning is a high priority.

Given the heavy foot traffic typical in a supermarket situation, the floor’s exceptional resistance to abrasion was also a major factor. Scott’s 20 plus years’ experience with polished concrete floors has proven invaluable, as he has developed a detailed concrete surface preparation specification through Masterspec, a leading specifications system for residential and commercial buildings.

The specification for (6141HF) polished concrete enables tender pricing from construction companies looking to tender on these types of projects. It’s backed up with a local Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR Certified Contractors list to assist with project execution.

"Our selected Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR Certified Contractor was supported throughout the project with quality assurance checks during and before completion of the application process," says Scott.

"Site visits were regularly undertaken to provide technical advice and support and the great team at Auckland Concrete Grinding worked tirelessly to ensure Fresh Choice Supermarket’s standards were met. Once work on the floor was finished, Aspec Interiors then took over and completed the fit-out on behalf of the client and BSM Group Architects."

According to Scott, property owner, Auckland Trotting Club and Fresh Choice store owner Chris Harris were more than happy with the results and are now looking forward to seeing the local community embrace the mood of the new store.

HiPERFLOOR is a complete concrete surface finishing system from Husqvarna that enhances the beauty, strength, and abrasion resistance of the floor while reducing maintenance and cleaning costs.

YRCO says their specialists can offer expert advice around concrete surface preparation, specification, and can also recommend a list of certified contractors to do the work anywhere around New Zealand.

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