Product feature: Pilehile skid steer attachments

Pilehire's large selection of skid steer attachments allows owners to adapt their machines for numerous purposes

Concrete mixer

While contractors know of equipment hire business Pilehire Ltd as the go-to for a myriad of attachments that will fit virtually any size excavator, not many know that the business also has attachments made for skid-steer machines.

Rock breaker on skid steer

"As a rule of thumb, we don’t have a lot of skid steer owners walking through the displays at our yards, so a lot of them aren’t aware of the numerous attachments we carry," says Kevin O’Rourke, Pilehire’s attachment manager.

Chain trencher

Pilehire has a large selection of skid steer attachments that allows owners to adapt their machines for numerous other purposes other than just digging dirt, drilling holes, and carrying stuff around in a bucket.

4-in-1 bucket

The attachments available for hire include 4-in-1 buckets, chain trenchers, concrete mixers, road planers, rock breakers, and rotary brooms to name a few. Opening up job opportunities and income streams for skid steer owners has been key to the growth of the Pilehire attachment range and essentially, as Kevin puts it, nothing is off limits.

Road planner

The selection available will allow almost every skid steer machine to be adapted to suit a specialised task, whether it be for a day, a week, or longer. "With our own engineering shop, if an attachment doesn’t fit, we can easily make modifications to ensure the hired attachment is fit for purpose and will do the job quickly and efficiently," says Kevin.

Skid steer broom

The company can also send equipment anywhere it’s required to be used and frequently has attachments working in different parts of the country. When hiring equipment from Pilehire, sometimes skid steer owners will find that word gets out about the specialised equipment and more work turns up.

"In cases like this, we’re happy to come to an arrangement for them to purchase the attachment and everyone is happy," Kevin says. "I encourage any skid steer owner to contact us or come out and see our range of specialised attachments."

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