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A closer look at the tenX coupler and CTX tilt couplers

tenX tilt coupler and buckets installed and ready

After a pretty challenging year for most, with lockdowns and COVID-19 Alert Level uncertainty, Wedgelock says they have emerged in a stronger than ever position. A dedicated team of fabricators and support staff combined with an extensive product offering enables Wedgelock to continue to provide high-quality attachments to the local construction industry.

Wedgelock fabricator working on a thumb for a customer

Since designing and selling their first quick coupler in 1987 (as Waikanae Engineering), Wedgelock has led the advance for more safety and simplicity in bucket changeover operations. Continuous innovation has culminated in the development of the tenX® coupler family, available now in all weight classes across a range of applications.

A heavy-duty digging bucket for a 50T excavator nears completion

tenX is a dual-locking coupler with an unparalleled instant safety system, the company says. Able to be installed to the excavator’s factory-fitted coupler hydraulics, the key to the popularity of tenX is the simple two-step changeover operation—yesterday’s simplicity with today’s technology.

The new coupler operating system has been followed quickly by the introduction of an entry-level tilting coupler for mini excavators, one that features 180 degrees of tilt at an attractive price point. Wedgelock says this product came about through listening carefully to their customers and striving to provide the ultimate versatility to the operator.

More recently, Wedgelock has filled a hole in their product offering with the launch of the CTX range of twin-ram tilt couplers—all provided with tenX technology.

"The CTX rounds out our tilting product options," says Wedgelock director David Calvert, "enabling our customers to benefit from the simplicity of tenX operation, whether they want a rotary actuator or ram tilt coupler."

Following on from the completion of the tilting range, Wedgelock says they can now offer a quick coupler system that allows instant connection to hydraulic-enabled attachments.
The unique tenX Quickflow coupler allows the excavator operator to engage and activate auxiliary hydraulic lines on their hydro-mechanical attachments, like hammers, without leaving the cab.

"We feel that this patented technology drives the opportunity of safety improvement to another level," David explains, "eliminating multiple risks associated with changing these types of attachments the conventional way."

All in all, 2021 is expected to be a busy year for the Upper Hutt company. There’s no doubt that, as one of the original pioneers of quick coupler technology in New Zealand, Wedgelock remains at the forefront of the attachment industry, Dave adds. With both new and established products and a supportive network of local and overseas vendors, this is one Kiwi manufacturer that’s going places.

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