Product feature: Hidromek HMK145LCSR

By: Steve Atkinson, Photography by: Justin Bennett

Magnum Equipment was busy preparing a new excavator for delivery so Deals on Wheels went to find out more about a high flow pump kit that had been fitted

The search for an excavator by a specialist foundation company ended when they spec’d up the Hidromek HMK145LCSR, although, there was one string attached before the deal was inked.

Weight-wise at a tad over 17 tonnes kitted out for work, the Hidromek machine fitted the buyer’s criteria for providing a stable mobile work platform, and the near-zero tail swing ticked the box for the close-quartered environments the business sometimes finds itself working in. In situations like these excavators with less room to spare in the rear, a slight operator error can easily deliver a nice deep scratch through company branding on the counterweight.

However, there was one additional request, and it was a deal-breaker. Could the excavator’s hydraulic pumps deliver an increased pump flow sufficient for the work intentions of the machine? Cause you see, digging dirt in the normal manner wasn’t what the foundation company required; it was drilling holes—big holes with a big auger. And an auger like that needs big oil flowing, fast, and strong.

Pump flow kit

A Robur hitch has been fitted

It turns out that the request was a straightforward one, as Hidromek has factory kits that can increase pump flow substantially and they are able to be fitted quickly and easily, the crew at Magnum Equipment says.

"A high flow pump kit can either be fitted at the factory prior to shipping or we can do it here, which is what happened in this case," says Paul Gorrie, general manager sales at Magnum Equipment, New Zealand’s Hidromek distributor.

"The company that’s purchasing this machine will be running a Digga-supplied PD18 gearbox to power the auger. It requires around 230 litres per minute of hydraulic oil, and we easily exceeded that during tests once the flow kit had been fitted."

"The normal flow from the HMK140LCSR is around 130 litres per minute, and the machine produced 240 litres per minute during unloaded tests. It was quite phenomenal," says Paul.

One of the key purchase considerations would have been the physical size of the HMK145LCSR, as normal circumstances would have dictated that a machine more likely in the 20-tonne category be used for powering the auger, although, with larger excavators comes the penalty of reduced access and when drilling holes every centimetre of usable space often counts.

"What gives us the confidence to recommend any Hidromek machine is that they have been primarily designed to work in hard rock environments, so they need to be physically strong to handle that type of work, day-in and day-out," says Paul.

"And that goes for all componentry as well. The Kawasaki pumps and Isuzu engines are two benchmark brands that are recognised and used the world over, so these coupled to the solid and operator-friendly designs of Hidromek equipment place us in an enviable position as I see it," he says.

Engine and hydraulics

The hydraulic bank is made by KYB

The Hidromek HMK145LCSR is powered by a 105Hhp Isuzu AR-4JJ1X direct-injection Tier 3 engine that produces maximum torque of 375 Nm@1800rpm. Double variable displacement axion piston pumps rated at 2x130lpm provide the push/pull effort through a KYB hydraulic control bank, with Tesco final drives being used to put the track gear in motion.

Real-world environment

The HMK145LCSR has a standard weight of 16,800kg

"The whole unit has been easy to prepare, as all Hidromek excavators come standard with double-piping on the arm, so it was only a matter of fitting the high flow kit and confirming the hydraulics would meet the requirements of our customer," says Paul.

"This machine is the first one we have set up for drilling work of this type, so we’re understandably excited to see how this excavator performs in a real-world environment."

With the HMK145LCSR being specifically used for drilling work, the boom has not been fitted with any additional tilt-mechanisms and will operate a standard quick-coupler to keep weight at the end of the arm to a minimum.

"There will be a Robur-made tilt-bucket and rock bucket supplied with the excavator, although, they may not get a lot of use," says Paul.

Key points

Stability while maximising work space was a key requirement of the buyer

"I guess some key points to take away from this first HMK145LCSR to be fitted with a high flow pump kit is that Magnum Equipment can provide an option for buyers looking to solve a specific problem," says Paul.

"It doesn’t necessarily need to be a drill rig; it could be anything from providing equipment for roading forestry, bulk earthworks, you name it."

"And the good thing is you deal directly with us, so there are no layers of people to re-tell your story to. We will quickly advise on whether your dream can come true or not, but chances are we’re in a good position to make it happen," he says.

The HMK145LCSR is the first Hidromek to be added to the fleet of Magnum Equipment’s customer so a return visit has been scheduled once the machine has put some time on the hour clock.

Hidromek HMK145LCR specifications

Standard weight 16,800kg
Engine Isuzu AJ-4JJJ1X 4-cyl turbo/intercooled
Power 105hp@2000rpm
Max torque 375Nm@1800rpm
Main pump Double variable displacement axial piston pumps
Max flow 2 x 130lpm

For more information, contact Paul Gorrie 021 338 159 or or visit

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