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Dieci's latest arrivals offer a compact design, four-wheel drive, and four-wheel steering for maximum manoeuvrability

A recent range of specialised concrete mixers and dump trucks imported into New Zealand are set to provide a solution in a range of challenging contracting situations.

A number of the unique Dieci dumpers and mixers have been brought into New Zealand by Webbline Agriculture and have been delivered to a major Auckland infrastructure project where they have been put into service in an environment well suited to their compact stance and range of features.

Already proven with their range of Italian-sourced telehandlers, Dieci’s latest New Zealand arrivals offer a compact design, four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering for maximum manoeuvrability, and a reversible driving position, which provides increased versatility in confined working conditions. This allows the machine to be driven directly to and from a tight worksite without the need for a turning bay or requiring the operator to reverse the machine in either direction, adding improved functionality as well as increasing safety and productivity.

Dieci’s latest arrivals offer a compact design, four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering for maximum manoeuvrability
Dieci’s latest arrivals offer a compact design, four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering for maximum manoeuvrability

The enclosed cabs have double-swung doors to provide easy access, which includes an open-door safety lock, while the fully enclosed cabs are ROPS and FOPS rated for both roll-over and falling object protection for improved operator safety.

Webbline’s Dieci product specialist, Tim Currie, says the design of the machines opens-up a wide range of options when it comes to the applications they can be used for.

"Both the concrete mixers and the tippers have a much smaller footprint than standard trucks, but still have a comparatively large payload capacity, given how compact they are," he says.

"This makes them ideal for worksites that have limited space or where larger vehicles are impractical.

"One of the really key features for us is the manoeuvrability, which is outstanding because of the four-wheel-drive and four-wheel-steer. This makes these trucks highly functional in situations that would normally be really difficult to work in," Tim says.

"We can see them being ideal for a range of applications from working underground in enclosed spaces to off-road environments, such as bridge-building or other areas where access may be difficult."

With an unladen weight of 7400kg, the F7000 mixers are the largest in the specialised Dieci range and offer a concrete yield of 5m3 from a 7m3 bowl, which is constructed from high thickness steel for both increased durability and stability.

The concrete mixers have a much smaller footprint than standard trucks
The concrete mixers have a much smaller footprint than standard trucks

They can also come fitted with an on-board loading shovel and a concrete cube system, which performs a real-time check and verification of the concrete quality by accurately measuring the aggregates that are being loaded by the bucket. This allows the option of providing certified quality concrete.

In addition, the concrete mixer units also offer a model with the bowl mounted on a rotating platform, allowing discharge of the concrete from the side of the vehicle rather than the rear, which adds versatility and functionality to the design.

"This opens up a much wider range of options when it comes to how these machines are able to be used," Tim says. "Civil engineering projects, where curbing is being laid, is a perfect example of where a side-discharge system would be ideal."

Motive power comes from a 4485cm3 four-cylinder FPT engine producing 93kW (125hp) at 2,200rp, driving through a servo-controlled two-stage hydrostatic transmission.

The dumper units sit on a similar chassis to the concrete mixers and have a level body load volume of 7m3 and a heaped body volume of 7.5m3 with a maximum capacity of 12,000kg.

"This is one of the larger dumpers in the Dieci range, with a number of smaller models available as well. But, while it’s still compact enough to be practical and manoeuvrable, it’s still highly robust with an impressive load capacity," Tim explains.

The engine and transmission combination is exactly the same as its concrete mixer cousin.
Webbline has now brought in a number of each model into the country, all bound for the same project, but Tim says he expects interest in these models to increase once other companies become aware of what they’re capable of.

"Dieci has recently become one of the innovation leaders when it comes to telehandlers in New Zealand, and they offer the same level of performance and reliability in these dumpers and mixers," he says.

"With the increased versatility and manoeuvrability these provide over larger trucks, we can see them being really well-suited to some specialised construction and engineering situations."

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