Product feature: Knapp thumbs

Knapp has manufactured hydraulic and manual thumbs in New Zealand for more than 10 years

Knapp Thumbs are a versatile option for grabbing and picking up almost anything with the excavator, as they can be used with multiple buckets and other attachments such as rakes.


As they can be tucked away when not in use, Knapp thumbs are always on hand, so to speak. Operators don’t need to have a separate ‘grab’ bucket on-site nor do they need to change buckets. By simply extending the Knapp thumb, an instant grab attachment is available for immediate use.

As well as thumbs, Knapp manufactures other excavator attachments, including excavator pallet forks and rippers.

Knapp says they are focussed on customer service.

"When our customers want a thumb, we realise they need it as soon as possible," says Fiona Schroeder, Knapp’s general manager.

"For this reason, we have stocks of common thumbs and the shortest lead times in New Zealand of only four working days to manufacture."

According to the company, the same philosophy is applied to all Knapp excavator and skid steer attachments, with good stocks of skid-steer hitch couplers, pallet forks, and levelling bars, ensuring immediate delivery.

"All of Knapp’s attachments are 100% New Zealand-made in Tokoroa, so by purchasing a Knapp attachment, you are buying local," says Fiona.


For more information or a quote on a thumb, ripper, excavator pallet forks, or an attachment for a skid steer, email or phone 021 781 205.

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