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Sanland keeps up to date with all the latest equipment technology and developments

It’s handy to know things in this business, the difference between metals in crusher blow bars and how to use them, the speed effect of shaft rotation on a screenbox, and the correct clearance for an interference fit.

RM70GO! track mounted impact crusher at work

Frank Sun, Sanland director, says they’ve been lucky to be working in the quarry industry for many years, to have met some great people and learnt some things, which was knowledge sometimes obtained the hard way.

Some things change quickly and the team at Sanland knows one example is impact crushers. They still meet older quarry guys who wouldn’t touch an impactor because they tried one in the ’90s and it burnt through blow bars in a day.

"While this may have been the case when Pantera ruled the airwaves, metallurgy (of a different type) has changed so much and so fast. A few years ago, even high chrome white iron was a bit new, but these days, manufacturers are adding ceramic to the moulds to give an even harder edge to blow bars," Frank says.

They are even looking at a system where carbide rods are made in composite with wear steel to give even greater life to wear parts. Steel has moved from Hadfield 12–14% relying on work hardening to ‘hard from the start’ 22% and martensitic or white iron (chrome).

Sanland keeps up to date with all the latest equipment technology and developments

"Sanland keeps up to date with all the latest equipment technology and developments to ensure they are offering customers the best machinery possible," Frank says. All the above being true, the quarrying industry is still a people business, mostly non-corporate with minimal layers of management and few ‘suits’.

That is one of the things Frank says they like so much about the business they are involved with; it’s a place where people generally talk with each other and share information. However, there’s one area where New Zealand does itself no favours, Frank says, and that’s in the area of training.

For example, how much does a quarry owner’s operator influence the productivity, reliability, and costs on their crushers? "Working extensively in the Pacific Islands and New Zealand, a machine purchase based on tonnes per hour or wear rate per tonne, it all actually means little if the machine isn’t run by a well-trained operator.

"They say almost every day they see the detrimental effects of poor training and it can be costly to a business," Frank says. In March, the Sanland team attended ConExpo in the US and used the opportunity to upskill their people with the latest innovations in the crushing world.

It was also an ideal time to meet a great bunch of suppliers who invest in their people.

Rubblemaster was one such business at ConExpo who stood out from the rest for its willingness to train end users of their crushing equipment through the operator training facility RM Academy.

RM Academy not only teaches staff to be a better operator but also teaches them basic servicing, understanding hydraulics, eletrics, and troubleshooting

Frank says as well as being the best mobile impactor manufacturer in the market, Rubblemaster takes operators from around the world and trains them for two days at
the facility where they make the crushers, in Linz, Austria.

Over the two-day course, RM Academy will not only teach staff to be a better operator but they will also teach basic servicing, understanding hydraulics, electrics, and troubleshooting.

And, while it may sound expensive to send an operator to Austria for training, Frank adds that equipment owners should take into account how much could be saved if a crusher ran 10% more tonnes-per-hour, or breakdowns occurred 10% less, or the machine lasted 10% longer because it was looked after better.

Those small increases add up to a lot of dollars saved and from what Sanland sees, they estimate 10% is on the low side of what can be achieved with correctly trained operators.
"For your next machine, buy something that comes with an extra that will pay you back very quickly," Frank says. "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."

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