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If you're after some tough construction machinery, look no further than Hitachi's winning designs

Hitachi’s winning reputation for some of the toughest construction machinery continues with the mini excavators and compact wheel loaders that are known for their efficiency and innovation. Used in a variety of densely populated urban areas, they have been designed and engineered to function efficiently and safely in narrow work spaces.


Hitachi has mini excavators available in sizes from
1110kg to 6600kg

Whether in need of a mini excavator or compact wheel loader, Hitachi has a machine - with mini excavators available in sizes from 1110kg to 6600kg or compact wheel loaders, ranging in size from 2785kg to 8640kg.

Compact wheel loaders

Compact wheel loaders range in size from 2785kg to 8640kg

Hitachi compact wheel loaders have been developed specifically to meet the demands of the evolving construction industry with increased productivity. The operator station offers a wide view of the job site thanks to pillar-less front window panes. This feature also provides ample leg room, ergonomically positioned controls, air conditioning and a whole raft of other features to ensure the operator can focus on the job at hand.

ZX17U-5 mini excavator

Hitachi ZX17U-5A

Despite being one of the smallest in the Hitachi line-up, the ZX17U-5 mini excavator is capable of producing high levels of productivity, whilst using low amounts of fuel due to its great hydraulic efficiency.

The machine is also designed to keep its tail close to its tracks, which allows operators to work in confined spaces such as digging a trench down the side of a house. The tracks can also be extended and retracted by up to 200mms to suit the requirements of the job.

Despite its compact structure, the canopy has been designed with a wider, easier entry, enhanced visibility, and a great sense of space, which makes for a more enjoyable operating experience.

Being lightweight and stable, the ZX17U-5 can also be easily towed behind most modern work utes, which makes transportation between job sites a breeze. Offering a complete line-up of Hitachi excavators and wheel loaders reinforces Hitachi’s reputation for durable products that are ideal for a wide range of applications.

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