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By: Cameron Officer, Photography by: Cameron Officer

With the amount of material Endless Metals is processing, they need the back-up of good machinery and thorough technical support, which is where Porter Equipment comes in

Ask Endless Metals’ managing director, Stuart Kagan, to pinpoint a distinct through-line in all his growing business’ activities and the answer might surprise you. He won’t respond in terms of ferrous or non-ferrous metals. He won’t talk about export markets or environmental matters.


Endless Metals run a combination of Hyundai machinery

"People. It absolutely 100% comes back to people," he says. "If you have the right people, you develop the best culture and that, in turn, helps create a better business. It’s actually really simple, but you have to have the right people to begin with. We’re lucky enough to have really authentic people working here and we’re very proud of that."

Prior to arriving in New Zealand, Stuart was in South Africa where he worked for 18 years within the largest recycling operation in sub-Saharan Africa, rising up the ranks to the position of operations director. Today, he runs Endless Metals with wife and business partner Lisa.


From left to right: Ella Mckinlay, Stuart Kagan, Gillian Meiring and Nawar Al-Mesfer

"The New Zealand market is smaller than what I have worked in in the past because we don’t have the big mining operations here. But I think Kiwi companies are incentivised more to recycle scrap metal; I think there is a healthier approach to recycling. We have had a tremendous amount of support, which has helped us net some big growth in a short space of time."

Stuart’s not kidding. In the last year Endless Metals has established itself on a brown fields site in Onehunga, Auckland and opened feeder yards on the city’s North Shore and in Pukekohe. The company has also established a branch in Hawke’s Bay and now boasts a combined total staff roster of 44.

On-site machinery

Mayank Sharda and Stuart Kagan

With the amount of material Stuart and the combined Endless Metals teams are processing, he needs the back-up of good machinery and thorough technical support, which is where Porter Equipment comes in.

Stuart runs a combination of Hyundai machinery; he has conventional Hyundai R210LC-9 and R235LCR-9 excavators, along with two specialised Hyundai R210W-9 MH materials handlers.

Fitted with heavy-duty grapples, these purpose-built materials handlers are the sharpest tools in Stuart’s shed, with a hydraulically elevating riser cab, which provides plenty of comfort, finger-tip control, and a better field of vision for the operator when loading containers or managing stockpiles.


The materials handlers are fitted with heavy-duty grapples

Despite being at the start-point of the Korean manufacturer’s materials handler model line, the Hyundai R210W-9 MH’s can extend their footprint for all manner of work. The wheeled machines utilise hefty outriggers to remain stable while extending the cab up to a ceiling of 5.1 metres. The boom and arm configuration also provide for massive reach of 11 metres, or a working height of 12.6 metres.

"As a new player in the market, I relied on anecdotal word-of-mouth when I was looking for machinery. That word-of-mouth led me squarely to Porter Equipment’s door," he says.

"Porters have been phenomenal with their support; it’s like they can’t do enough to help us. 

The cab extends up to a ceiling of 5.1m

"We haven’t been let down by them once. The interesting thing for me was how they responded to me buying used equipment. I’m sure there might be some distributors out there who can’t really be bothered with a client buying used machinery, but Porters gave us the same level of attention and support as they have when we have purchased new gear off them. That says a lot to me about their customer service.

"The machines are great; they are very reliable and comfortable. We have dedicated operators for the materials handlers and they rave about them. It’s good to have machines people take care of like it’s their own. It’s all part of ensuring we have people who are happy in their work and proud of what they do for us," says Stuart.

With more expansion in the pipeline, more teal blue signage—featuring ‘Mo’ the smiley Endless Metals mascot—is no doubt set to make an appearance in other parts of the country during the months and years ahead. Stuart says he has been amazed at how customers have found them at their yard, even though it is brand new, without any marketing beyond presenting as clean and ordered a site as is possible.

Stuart says having the right machinery is key

"I think we are growing a really energetic, ambitious business here. We’re very excited by our prospects and we have big goals to fulfil. Having the right machinery is key, which is why we really value our partnership with Porter Equipment; they totally get us as a business and what we want to achieve.

"But of course, at the end of the day, we need good people to operate those machines and that’s the most important thing. I want our guys to look forward to Monday morning more than they do Friday afternoon!" Stuart laughs.

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