Product feature: Doherty Couplers and Attachments

A combination of a Doherty Tilt coupler with a Hitachi ZX130-5B is helping Bowe Brothers Excavating achieve the work efficiencies they're after

Focusing on subdivisions and larger commercial projects around the Waikato region, as well as investing in earthmoving attachments for maximum efficiency on-site has been a successful recipe for Waikato-based contractor, Bowe Brothers Excavating Ltd.

Bowe Brothers Excavating prepping a Waikato subdivision with the Doherty Tilt coupler and three-metre-wide bucket

Established in 2018, this specialised contracting firm has secured some detailed projects, and as a result, owner-operator Mike Bowe and office administrator wife Katy haven’t looked back.

Equipped with 3D Machine control technology and a Hitachi ZX130-5B, Mike says he prefers to concentrate on the business end of the excavator, ensuring he’s kitted out with quality earthmoving attachments to get the job done right first time.

With multiple subdivision projects having varied tasks and requiring different types and sized attachments, keeping downtime to a minimum and getting great service from an attachment supplier is a top priority.


The business end of the excavator

"As we see changes in the industry, the work evolves and prices get tighter, contractors need to invest in good reliable and productive gear to be able to make a dollar," says Mike. "Our aim is to do it right first time. We don’t muck around; we do what needs to be done and find the most efficient way to do it."

After using many different types of brands and seeing the flaws in shape, strength, capacity, and ergonomics, Mike says he decided to do his own research comparing various attachment companies.

"It became clear that as technology evolved, this had created better products and service from some suppliers, which I could pass onto my customers."

Based on his research results, Mike started using Doherty Couplers and Attachments after he saw what they had created for the civil works.

"It really was a no-brainer to go with Doherty. Their attachments ensure we achieve the efficiencies we’re after."  

Mike Bowe and his Hitachi ZX130-5B with the Doherty Tilt coupler and three-metre-wide bucket

Mike says he’s impressed with the quality of their gear and service. "With the Doherty Tilt coupler providing quick change over for every attachment, and the capacity of their three-metre-wide bucket to cover more ground quicker and at a slower, more accurate pace, I love the product.

"And the aftersales support is brilliant. The increased uptime and not needing to repair attachments is great, but what I really love is the reliability of the Doherty gear."

Some of which can be seen at this year’s New Zealand Agricultural Fieldays®. Doherty will be sharing a larger site with their Kinshofer sister company, Augertorque.

Doherty’s NZ salesman, Chris Rhodes, says he’s looking forward to showcasing their attachments, so visitors can see the strength and quality of the gear first-hand, in particular, the Snaplock+ Coupler range and its vital safety features.

With better capacity and reduction in fuel consumption, the Powerdig buckets are gaining huge interest throughout the industry

"Our fully compliant Snaplock+ range focuses on high safety specifications with both couplers and tilts having a dual pin locking system," explains Chris. "This system ensures attachments remain securely engaged on both pins in the event of loss of engagement force."

The Powerdig Series will also feature at the show. Designed to maximise breakout and minimise fuel usage, the shape of the Powerdig cuts through the ground with minimal resistance while the deep, double-radius design achieves maximum payload.

"The unique shape allows the operator to fill the bucket to 100% capacity," Chris says. "This provides a bucket that not only digs faster but also reduces fuel consumption."

The Doherty range of attachments will be on display at Fieldays on sites N10 and N12.

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