Launch report: Hyundai R210W-9

By: Cameron Officer, Photography by: Supplied

Launch report: Hyundai R210W-9 Launch report: Hyundai R210W-9
Launch report: Hyundai R210W-9 Launch report: Hyundai R210W-9
Launch report: Hyundai R210W-9 Launch report: Hyundai R210W-9
Launch report: Hyundai R210W-9 Launch report: Hyundai R210W-9
Launch report: Hyundai R210W-9 Launch report: Hyundai R210W-9

A familiar player in the civil construction and forestry industries, Hyundai has just released its first specialised materials handler onto the New Zealand market. We went for a closer look as the first example of the R210W-9 settles in at a busy Hamilton scrap metal recycling yard.

If Hyundai's new R210W-9 materials handler looks slightly familiar, that's because it is.

Despite being the Korean manufacturing giant's first entry into the scrap metal recycling market, the machine is part of Hyundai's 'World Excavator' blueprint, with the architecture and power pack of a 'dash 9' wheel excavator hidden underneath those heavy duty outriggers and lift cab.

"There's a heck of a lot of proven merit in this design," says Porter Equipment business development manager Matthew White.

"The main changes are the cab configuration, being a hydraulic lift unit, and the straight boom which provides for more reach and downforce. This is a new piece of kit within the wider Hyundai family, but it has been engineered on a solid foundation.

"And being a Hyundai machine there has been a lot of research and development gone into making sure it's fit-for-purpose before being released to the public."

Being based around an existing (and popular) model means that, for distributors Porter Equipment, the commonality of parts and minimal variation of machine features means their technical support offering remains solid.

"We have a very good reputation for servicing and supporting Hyundai equipment regardless of where it's located around New Zealand. With the new materials handler, that will remain the case.

"This machine is a variation on a theme, so we don't need to stock an entirely separate line of water pumps, engine components or other items. Still, as a new addition to our range we'll be assessing its performance in the field closely and – in that respect – it's good that it has found a home where it will be put through its paces in an appropriate manner."

The 'home' in question is Hamilton's Global Metal Solutions, where managing director Craig Tuhoro has replaced a lease machine with the new R210W-9.

"We had it here in the yard for a week or two on trail and we could immediately see the value it represented.

Hyundai _R210_6

"Grant, who operates the machine, loves it: he has a lot of experience on the job – over 25 years – and he's incredibly well-versed in what makes a good machine great. At the end of the day I listen to the guys out in the yard; their feedback is vital to how the company operates day-to-day. So if I get someone raving about the capabilities of a machine as Grant did after just a couple of weeks in the Hyundai, I'll definitely take note," he says.

Tuhoro also says that reliability is the key attribute for any piece of yard equipment and, when lifting one to two tonnes at reach while feeding something such as a slide loader, consistency and hardiness are paramount.
"I have no doubt this machine will be a success for Porter Equipment. In itself it appears to be a very capable machine, but what makes it more of a sure bet for me is the Porter back-up.

"In my mind they've set the benchmark for heavy duty machinery distribution and support in New Zealand, so when they put their name behind something, I believe that counts for a lot."

The arrival of the materials handler also highlights another aspect of Hyundai's manufacturing operation: the heavy duty grapple attached to the machine wears the Hyundai brand name too and was developed alongside the materials handler itself.

Matthew White says that Porter Equipment is in frequent communication with the factory, so are aware of how much research and development has gone into attachments side of the business.

For the New Zealand market, putting new machines like the R210W-9 to work in busy yards such as that at Global Metal Solutions is also something of a continuation of that R&D, allowing the distributor to gather immediate feedback from companies utilising the hardware.

"At the end of the day, scrap metal is a target sector of the market and Hyundai's ability to adapt to this market without reinventing the wheel – and therefore keeping costs down for the end-user – is a real bonus for the industry," he concludes.

"We're a new player on this particular pitch, but we still come with a solid reputation and a lot of horsepower."

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