VIDEO: Volkswagon Crafter

Looking for a van that is seriously big? See the VW Crafter on the road...

VIDEO: Volkswagon Crafter
VIDEO: Volkswagon Crafter

The Volkswagon Crafter van is a versatile vehicle that comes in two models - the 3.5 and 5-tonne.

There are three roof versions available, the largest model carrying a staggering 17 cubic metres.

See VW Crafters for sale here and check out this workhorse in action in the video below...





CR0220.jpg CR0220.jpg
CR0218.jpg CR0218.jpg
CR0179.jpg CR0179.jpg
CR0272_35_4p.jpg CR0272_35_4p.jpg
CR0273.jpg CR0273.jpg
CR0296.jpg CR0296.jpg

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