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This classic Kenworth W924AR is still going strong after more than three decades on the road.

Kenworth W924AR
The Kenworth W924AR built back in 1980.

"So", I asked Collin Walters. "If someone opened up a wallet filled with cash and wanted to buy your truck, would you sell it?" Without a moment's hesitation he fired back, "Heck no!"

I don't know why but as I had just spent the last couple of hours riding around with him and getting an understanding of his love of trucks and trucking, it would have been very disappointing if he had answered, "Yes" or even "Maybe". I would have been very disappointed indeed.

For me, Walters has what I consider one of my favourite trucks in the country - the reason being because it takes me back to the days of my youth.

Remembering back, Walter's W924AR Kenworth is a close-looking replica to the rig that Sonny Pruitt and Will Chandler drove in the 1970s American TV series Movin' On. For those who remember it, the program cashed in on the trucking craze that was sweeping the globe at the time and in my opinion, was partly responsible for the young sons and daughters from many 'respectable families' (much to the dismay of their parents) wanting to become 'truckies' when they grew up.

My two brothers and myself were among those impressionable kids at that time, although we were a step ahead, as our dad was already a truckie, and we were able to bask among our mates for a short time in the minor celebrity spotlight.

Having seen the Kenworth around the traps for a while, I decided it was time to track down the owner. Collin Walters proved a little more difficult than normal to locate as he likes to keep a low profile, but he should have thought about that before producing one of the most noticeable trucks on the road. By the time I found him at his Pukekohe base, around 50km south of Auckland, I felt that I should have been awarded a private eye's licence. Of course, as I drove around the corner and glimpsed the Kenworth reversing onto the street, I knew then that all the shoe-work was worth the effort. Like me, I'm sure many others who spot the truck have that same feeling of awe whenever they see it up close.

Manufactured in 1980, Walters's Kenworth is a W924AR ('A' is the first series W - later went onto B-series W model; 'R' is right-hand drive) model. Originally the truck was owned by TD Haulage, before it passed into the hands of Mike Dean from Export Meat and then into the fleet colours of NZL Transport for an owner-driver. It was during this phase in the truck's life that fate intervened and Walters purchased the truck. In the process, he became an owner-driver for NZL.

Almost a decade would pass before Walters ditched the fleet colours and became a 'hired gun' - or independent trucker, if you want to be politically correct. As an independent, the sky is the limit when it comes to colour choice and it wasn't too long before he was hankering to add some 'flavour' to the truck.

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