Hino Trucks FM 2632

By: Dave Cox

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Hino Trucks FM 2632 is a reliable workhorse that will serve its owner well.

Hino Trucks FM 2632
Hino's FM 2632 is a truck that doesn’t come bouncing out at you with all the bells and whistles, yet comes across as strong and reliable.
  • Clean, clear instrumentation
  • Strong, reliable engine
  • Jake brake saver (retarder)
  • Easy-clean dash and interior
  • Good external vision
  • Easy cab access

Engine and power

The Hino F.M 2632 has a GVM of 26-tonnes and an engine that produces 320hp.

It has the new A09C motor, which was introduced into New Zealand in June 2008. This is a nine-litre engine as opposed to its predecessor, which was eight litres and only 260hp.

It is six-cylinder intercooled, turbocharged and has the EGR emission specs that make it compliant to the US 04 Emission Specifications.

The gearbox is a Roadranger RTO110909 LL 11 speed with low deep reduction.

The suspension is a four-bag HAS400 air ride on the rear of the vehicle with leaf spring on the front axle. There is the option of having the six-rod suspension variety.

Oil, water and other fluid levels are easily accessed with the dip-stick mounted behind the cab.

The climb up the steps and into the driver's seat is easy and the grab handles are positioned nicely.

The cab

Inside, it is a factory fitted Hino seat, which feels comfortable enough with the basic seat adjustments.

The steering wheel is adjustable forward and back as well as telescopic.

The gauges are clear and simple and are very easy to see with an uncluttered dash. The familiar Roadranger gear lever is positioned where your hand can easily reach without having to stretch.

The interior of the cab has very clean lines, enhanced by the functuality of the plastic and easy care, wipe-down surfaces.

All the important and most used controls i.e., headlights, indicators, wipers and engine retardation, are available on the two stalks that protrude from the steering column, which again makes driving easy.

On the road

This particular Hino is good for a payload of around 12-tonne and the 320hp motor would not have too much trouble handling that sort of weight, but a trailer will put its ability to the test.

The truck feels nice to drive and got me around the Auckland suburbs very well without any major concerns. The steering is light and responsive and vision through the windscreen is unimpaired. The mirrors are well positioned, but I was a little disappointed that they were not electric.

The ratios in the 11-speed Roadranger feel just a little out in a couple of gears, and maybe a couple of extra splits would work well.

The retarder is a two-stage Jake.

The verdict

Once there with the maxis on, I was left with the overall impression that the Hino 2632 is a good workhorse and will serve its owners well for many years to come.

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