Hino Trucks 700 Series FS440

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The Hino 700 Series FS440 is well put together and practical truck. It works well and has the power to handle big jobs.

Hino Trucks 700 Series FS440
The Hino 700, or to use its official designation, the "Hino 700 Series FS440".
  • The genuine 440 engine performs well
  • Spacious cab with effective layout
  • Smooth power and torque
  • Speed cruise control makes driving easy
  • Good visibility from cab

The changes made in this new Hino take the 700 closer to a real contender in a wide sweep of the market in this horsepower range


This model is classified on the door as FS 2845 with the FS denoting a rigid, the 28 is the GVM rating of a 6x4 and the 45 from the 444hp rating. However, the model is normally referred to as a 700 FS 440.

The 700 is fitted with a Hino E13C-US engine. The turbocharged and intercooled overhead cam engine uses EGR and common rail fuel injection to control exhaust emissions.

The engine can hold on quite well but appears to work best when kept in a higher range of revs. From behind the wheel the 13-litre engine develops a pleasant sound and gives the driver feedback about what's going on below the cab.

The linkage for the 18-speed Roadranger is firm and stable, enabling quick and easy gear changes. Hino still retain a manual clutch brake for engaging first gear, indicating it does not have an automatically-activated one on its clutch.

Power comes in smoothly, and torque comes in evenly on a relatively flat topped torque curve with over 2000Nm (1475ft-lb) available from below 1000rpm all the way to 1700rpm. Torque tops out at 2157Nm (1591ft-lb) at 1100rpm.

Performance and handling

The combination of the smoothness of the power and the flexibility of the torque makes for relaxed driving in traffic as you go up and down the box from traffic light to traffic light. However, the availability of an automated box would make for an even more relaxed drive.

When cruise control is turned on, the indicator on the dash illuminates orange, changing to green when the cruise is actually armed. This makes using the cruise control in heavy traffic situations and hilly country easy.

Visibility is good, with a main mirror and spotter on both sides keeping the dog trailer in sight at all times.


The cab layout is practical, if not particularly stylish.

All of the correct controls are here and easily accessed. The layout is simple, with the gear stick and hand-brake mounted on the engine cover close to the driver's left leg. The central console is mounted at an angle toward the driver.

The trailer brake hand-piece is mounted on the dash behind the steering wheel which, when used, proves to be well positioned and useable.

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