Isuzu Forward FFR33

The idea of a tipper truck that can elevate its deck in order to offload materials has got to be one the most practical ideas around. Kelly Ryan finds out first hand just how practical it is.

Isuzu Forward FFR33
Isuzu Forward FFR33

Isuzu has capitalised on the idea of tippers and incorporated it into many of its models.
The 1995 Isuzu Forward FRR33 is a perfect example, and proved to be a very functional, no-nonsense workhorse with the added bonus of a few extra comforts.
This recently painted 4x2 tipper has a 5-tonne payload capability with an 8.2-litre diesel engine. The raised sides of the tray have the ability to drop down for larger items and this is very quick and simple to do. It also has certified tie-down hooks on the outside of the tray.
The hydraulic tipper tray is easy to manoeuvre by simply setting the handle (on the right of the driver’s seat) to the desired height and then releasing the clutch.
At full extension (which took about 12 seconds) the tray will reach an approximate 45-degree angle, perfect for unloading stone, scoria, soil or any other loose materials.
The engine can be accessed through the cab being tilted forward, which is easy enough for one person to operate. The tilt lever and safety catch is located behind the passenger door. To the rear of this is a fitted toolbox with plenty of room to house basic tools and equipment if necessary.
The 6-speed truck has a smooth gearbox and the clutch feels as though it’s in good working order. With spring suspension front and rear this truck offers a fairly smooth and comfortable ride.
It is fitted with an effective exhaust brake, which was put to the test on the Paekakariki Hills in the Kapiti Coast. Hill climbs were no real issue although conditions did take place without any load.
The (power) steering wheel lock was fairly effective and a continuous "U" turn was possible on a wider width road. This Isuzu was also fitted with a reverse warning indicator.
From the cab, the visibility was excellent, the windscreen felt like it extended around panoramically and the side mirrors had the added value of being retractable for restricted spaces.
As far as comfort level is concerned for a 1995 model this truck is sure to impress. The internal condition was very tidy; it had a mini sleeper cab, plenty of storage areas, air conditioning and an AM/FM radio. Internal lighting was also plentiful with a fluorescent tube light in the centre of the roof as well as the standard 12-volt light.
The overall condition of this truck was very good considering it is a 1995 model. With only 66,000km the clock and a new paint job recently completed it well worth a look if you are in the market for a tipper.

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