Transedel Livestock Carriers at Ritchie Bros. upcoming auction

Transedel Livestock Carriers, a leading player in the livestock transportation industry, is gearing up for the upcoming Ritchie Bros. National Unreserved Auction on 21 and 22 February.


The diverse inventory list includes:

  • 1 – 2020 Cannon Tri/A B-Double Livestock Combination
  • 2 – 2019 Byrne Tri/A B-Double Livestock Combination
  • 7 – 2019 Cannon Tri/A B-Double Livestock Combination
  • 3 – 2018 Cannon Tri/A B-Double Livestock Combination
  • 6 – 2017 Western Star 4900FXT Stratosphere 6x4
  • 2 – 2022 Kenworth W900 SAR Legend 6x4
  • 3 – 2022 Kenworth T909 6x4
  • 3 – 2015 Gippsland Body Builder Tri/A Dolly
  • 1 – 2018 DAF CF.85 Livestock Truck Convertible
  • 1 – 2019 DAF CF.85 Livestock Truck
  • 1 – 2018 Byrne Tri/A Pig Livestock Trailer
  • 1 – 2019 Byrne Tri/A Pig Livestock Trailer
  • 1 – 2021 Toyota Landcruiser Sahara 200 Series
  • 1 – 2016 Heath Busch Trailers Tri/A B-Double Livestock Lead

Transedel says these assets embody its unwavering dedication to excellence in livestock transportation and are available for auction at the Ritchie Bros. National Unreserved Auction.

"We are excited to welcome Transedel Livestock Carriers to our upcoming auction," says Dom McGlinchey, regional sales manager at Ritchie Bros.

"The variety and calibre of the vehicles up for bidding highlight Transedel's commitment to delivering top-notch solutions in the livestock transportation sector. This auction presents a unique opportunity for bidders to acquire machinery that combines functionality and performance at its best."

Cody Watson, APAC sales director at Ritchie Bros., adds: "This event is poised to be a tremendous success as Transedel Livestock Carriers brings a stellar lineup of top-tier livestock carriers and support vehicles to the table here in our Geelong yard. Their fleet of livestock carriers and support vehicles offers bidders an exclusive chance to acquire exceptional machinery for efficient livestock transport."

The upcoming auction will be held exclusively online and those interested in bidding are being urged to register to bid, with bidding opening on 17 February.

Bidders can expect to see items for sale across the transport, construction, mining, and agricultural industries.

Day one of the auction (21 February) will be dedicated to construction and crushing gear while day two (22 February) will focus on transportation and agriculture assets. 

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