Daimler Truck tests fuel-cell truck with liquid hydrogen

22DT088 020 The Mercedes-Benz prototype truck has been undergoing intensive testing since 2021 22DT088 020
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Daimler Trucks puts a Mercedes Benz prototype to test the use of liquid hydrogen

Daimler Truck says they have reached the next milestone on the road to sustainable transportation, with liquid hydrogen-based drives as opposed to hydrogen gas. Since 2021, a Mercedes-Benz GenH2 truck fuel-cell prototype has been undergoing intensive testing—both on the in-house test track and on public roads.

The company is now putting another prototype into operation to test the use of liquid hydrogen. Daimler Truck says they prefer liquid hydrogen in the development of hydrogen based drives.

In this aggregate state, the energy carrier has a significantly higher energy density in relation to volume compared to gaseous hydrogen. As a result, more hydrogen can be carried, which significantly increases the range, with the development objective of the series-ready GenH2 Truck being up to 1000km and more.

The business and its partners are planning for a high level of transparency. The goal is to collaborate with other companies and associations to develop their own refuelling and vehicle technologies to establish a global mass market for liquid hydrogen.

On its path towards a CO2-neutral future, Daimler Truck has clearly set its strategic course and is consistently pursuing a dual-track strategy in the electrification of its portfolio with both battery-electric and hydrogen-based drives.

The ambition is to offer only new vehicles that are carbon-neutral in driving operation in its global core markets by 2039. The start of series production for hydrogen-based trucks is planned for the second half of the decade.

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