Scania NZ opens biggest project yet

Video by: Justin Bennett

Scania NZ has opened their very first New Zealand-owned and operated state-of-the-art service centre in the heart of Drury, South Auckland

Having just undertaken their largest project ever in New Zealand, Scania have completed the five million dollar investment in the form of an equipment and fit-out hub.


With $5.5 million in parts on the ground and a growing team working six days a week, Scania says they are well-equipped to deliver customers more convenience than ever before.

For more than two decades, Swedish trucking heavyweight Scania has arrived into the country then been customised, showcased, and distributed by a third party, but since 1 January 2019, that task has been taken over by Scania NZ.


"It’s been a pretty amazing year so far, with lots of great moments like this one where we are opening up the Drury workshop, the first Scania New Zealand workshop," says Mattias Lundholm, head of Scania NZ.

"We are now 52 people, operating out of three locations, Christchurch, Wellington and now Auckland, stepping in with the Drury location, with the retail and workshop business."

Besides all this, Mattias says Scania NZ are supported by a network of an additional 20 workshops spread out across the country.

"There are so many opportunities in New Zealand, with the transport industry going in a direction that suits us and our complete product range," he says.


The newly-opened Drury service centre is set to be an aid to the line of trucks that run down the central North Island daily, with a location adjacent to motorway access. A full driver’s lounge is available for operators waiting for vehicle servicing and includes comfortable rest and recuperation facilities.

The service centre will also be used as a training facility and Mattias says there are 48 courses already booked for 2020.

"It’s growing, it’s full on, and when we’re looking at next year and the years after that, I think you will see Scania increasing the numbers, increasing our position, because everything is pointing in the right direction now," he says.

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