New ute tonneau cover unveiled in time for Fieldays

By: Media Release

A new, easy-to-use tonneau cover for utes that doesn’t require holes drilled into the sides of the vehicle has been launched by Best Bars to coincide with Fieldays.

New ute tonneau cover unveiled in time for Fieldays
The Advantage Roll-up Tonneau Cover.

The Advantage Roll-up Tonneau Cover uses a clever alloy frame that is fixed to the top of the wellside tray with specially designed brackets to lock it into place, providing a smart and attractive appearance, and also keeping the weather at bay. Removable ribs inside the cover keep it taut over the wellside tray.

As the name suggests, the cover simply rolls up when the ribs are removed and it can be stored right behind the cab for loading and when the driver needs to transport tall or bulky items. Elasticated straps are incorporated into the design to keep the rolled up cover tightly in place while the ute is being driven.

The new cover is part of the "advantage" range developed by Best Bars, well known for its towbars and other exterior vehicle accessories.

"The new Advantage Roll-up Tonneau Cover combines the flexibility of traditional fabric covers, but without the need to drill unsightly holes in the side of the vehicle to install hooks for bungy cords," says Best Bars sales and marketing general manager John Frear.

"The unique frame holds the cover firmly in place and it’s very easy to unclip and roll back to allow access to the full cargo space.

"The new cover has a bespoke, tailored appearance that is designed specifically to the contour of each vehicle and it really adds to the style of the ute."

Mr Frear says the new cover has further advantages over ordinary fabric tonneau covers, which can stretch and tear more easily without the supporting and protective frame that is an integral part of the Best Bars product. The material used is a heavy-duty vinyl, which still retains its soft feel, even though it is very tough.

Installation is a breeze, with no drilling required for ‘under rail’ liners and only minor modifications needing to be made to the liner if they are the ‘over rail’ type.

The Advantage Roll-up Tonneau Cover is designed to fit most ute models available on the New Zealand market. Standard versions are available now for utes that are not fitted with accessories, such as cab protectors or sports bars, and Best Bars is currently developing covers that will accommodate wellsides with these products fitted.

Those attending the Fieldays in Hamilton will have a chance to see the new Advantage Roll-up Tonneau Cover displayed on vehicles.

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