Media release: First on the map, every month

By: Navman, Photography by: Navman

Navman launches WORLD FIRST verified monthly maps updates with MYSERIES 2013 GPS Range

Media release: First on the map, every month
First on the map, every month

Last year, local Navman map provider HERE made changes to 21,800 km of roads, 2600 street names, 1700 turn restrictions, 500 one way streets and 1700 road directional signs for its New Zealand map. With all this change, it's no wonder we sometimes find ourselves lost in once familiar places.

It is why this year, as a world first initiative in portable navigation, Navman is introducing free monthly verified mapping updates from HERE, a Nokia business, in its new GPS range to New Zealand and Australian drivers.

The new Rapid Map Refresh function in the MY Series MY450LMT will provide accurate updates of all major and secondary roads nationally and important landmarks like hospitals and airports.

With this new function, monthly updates will be made to new roads, junctions, safety alerts including speed cameras, and red light cameras; and new points of interests such as sporting venues, hospitals and airports. There are even updates on new roads under construction.

"The world is changing around us. And naturally, people expect to have accurate and up to date information. So it makes sense that our devices reflect these major changes quickly and correctly," says Navman New Zealand General Manager Andrew Blakey.

"As the figures show, the changes happening to New Zealand roads each year are staggering. It may surprise people to know how many new roads, traffic alerts, new speed and red light cameras are added to our maps every month."

And our road system is set to keep evolving. In Auckland alone, the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) estimates investment in changes to local roads and state highways will be more than $2.5 billion from 2012 to 2015*. Throughout New Zealand for the same period, national spending is forecast to be around $4.1 billion on local roads and $5.1 billion on state highways.

Projects like Auckland's Victoria Park Tunnel, the Waikato Expressway, Wellington's Northern Corridor, the Waterview tunnel and numerous motorway projects in Christchurch demonstrate major reconstruction of New Zealand's roading landscape.

That's why Navman has also included free lifetime maps (updated every quarter) on its new MY400LMT and EZY250LM sat navs.

The new MY Series range also includes the new Landmark Guidance Plus feature which helps motorists by giving directions in a natural way using names, brands and colours of buildings as well as geographical landmarks in a driver's surroundings. This helps drivers understand where they need to turn - for example "in 200 metres turn left at the Shell Petrol Station into Smith Street." The feature takes into consideration the visibility of objects, making driving in bad weather simpler, as well as direction of travel and seasonal changes.

There are driver fatigue alerts every two hours and in the premium range (MY450LMT) warnings of potentially hazardous areas such as animal crossings and merging lanes or roads that may have falling rocks.

The series has been designed with safety and practicality in mind with spoken safety alerts instead of chimes to speed and red light cameras.

Other new product features include:

  • Café Short Cut Button on the MY Series main menu allows motorists to satisfy caffeine cravings, any time at any place.
  • Voice Destination Entry has been tweaked, making the function quicker and easier to use. The one shot address and intersection entry allows people to say a full-address in one go, rather than having to go through multiple menu screens. Drivers can now search by area for example "Woodhill Forest" or a keyword such as the "Mechanics Bay Heliport." This is useful when there isn't an address handy.
  • Auto Start/Auto Off function means the device will switch off when the power source is interrupted; such as when the car ignition is turned off or the device is unplugged.

Safety and practicality are emphasised in the MY Series range, with other features including:

  • Large 5.0" screens on both the MY400LMT and MY450LMT;
  • Spoken Safety Alerts which include spoken warnings for red light cameras and speed cameras, Premium driver alerts featured on the MY450LMT, warn drivers of 29 types of potentially hazardous areas, such as where there are known animal crossings, merging lanes or roads that may have falling rocks;
  • Driver Fatigue Alerts will warn when someone has been driving continuously for two hours. The device will suggest areas drivers can stop at, including public restrooms, rest areas and food outlets;
  • SmartFind Keyword Search on the MY Series range provides users with a comprehensive list of options as it not only searches from a database of street addresses and POIs, it also includes suggestions from optional travel guide purchases such as Lonely Planet Guides;
  • Free Live Traffic Updates provides free live lifetime traffic information that is updated continuously and influences the estimated time of arrival;
  • New Zealand and Australia free Lifetime Maps and
  • Generous two year warranty.

The Rapid Map Refresh feature is available now as an optional subscription purchase on the MY400LMT and EZY250LM, for $179. All new products including the EZY250LM, MY400LMT and MY450LMT are both PC and Mac compatible and are now available at all major electronics retailers.
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*Data sourced from NZTA.

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