Ethanol Fuelling Praised in SuperTourers Season Start

By: Gull

Auckland, 06 March 2013 –The 2013 season of the BNT V8SuperTourers got off to sensational start with drivers praising the new ethanol based fuel - made possible by Gull New Zealand in a new relationship with the New Zealand based series.

Ethanol Fuelling Praised in SuperTourers Season Start
Ethanol Fuelling Praised in SuperTourers Season Start

All cars in the championship now run on Gull's 98 Octane – known as Gull Force 10, which is a 10% ethanol blended fuel.

The new fuel aided the quick times set by the top runners - including international motorsport driver, 23 year old Ant Pedersen who set a V8SuperTourers championship record lap time of 1.03.2 to secure pole position for the round.

Given that the cars have only made minor changes in set up since season one, teams are supportive in confirming that Gull Force 10 is playing a major part speeding lap times and contributing to faster racing.

When quizzed on his stellar lap time at Hampton, Pederson reported: "I can confidently say that the Gull Force 10 we're using this season has had a massive impact on my V8 Supertourer.

"Not only has it made us go the fastest we've ever been, it's dramatically reduced the fumes I breathe within the cockpit and as drivers we're not often linked with environmentally conscious choices, but we're also very thankful its output is also safer for the environment."

The 10% ethanol blend reduces the engine temperature as well as creating more power. Another attraction of Gull Force 10 to the V8 SuperTourers is the sourcing of bio-ethanol from local dairy giant Fonterra.

"This means the fuel is not only a friendlier choice on the environment, but it provides a closed loop consumption cycle for our use of non-renewable resources" says series Executive Technical Director Mark Petch. "This is a big advantage to us over other fuel products available on the market, and many other motorists too."

Excited by the move to Gull Force 10, Gull New Zealand Business Development Manager Ulrik Olsen reiterated: "We're looking forward to seeing more great results from the teams as they continue to work with the fuel. We are expecting more lap records to be broken due to the extra power produced by Gull Force 10, over last year's fuel."

The next round of V8SuperTourers will take place this weekend at Christchurch's Powerbuilt Tools Raceway, where teams are expecting to see plenty of high octane action throughout the weekend.

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