Big changes, small footprint

By: Terry Williams-King

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So how does NZ’s no.1 truck improve on its already successful track record? Isuzu has recently launched a whopping 69 new models with the latest safety, economy and environmental features on offer today

Big changes, small footprint
Big changes, small footprint

This all-new Gen 6 range by Isuzu is a leap forward in technology, safety, performance and environmental impact.

The range includes light commercial trucks for labourers and self-employed tradesmen, to larger mid-size trucks for transport, freight haulage and logistic fleets.

The launch of the Gen 6 series is Australasia’s biggest ever launch of new trucks and fittingly, opened with a traditional Maori welcome at Tamaki Heritage Experience in Rotorua. New Zealand’s Isuzu truck dealers and parts agents from around the country were invited to witness the launch.

The Gen 6 design is based on Isuzu’s "SEE Global design philosophy"; building a truck from the bottom up. Not a rehash of a proven performer, but rather a total redesign with "S" – safety for driver and cargo, "E" – economy benefiting the customers and "E" – environmentally friendly product.

The new series has been integrated into Isuzu’s existing ones: the N series, increasing it from 28 to 40 models; F series, increasing it from 10 to 25 models, and the new FX range, which includes four new models.

Every inch of the trucks are carefully designed to endorse the SEE philosophy. The cab is a great example of this.

A redesign of the look and interior has not only made it more stylish and cleaner looking, but also more aerodynamic, reducing the drag and improving fuel economy.

The cab sizes are now wider across the range, offering more room and comfort for the driver. Realigned pillars and changes to the door width and shape make for a wider opening, creating safer and easier access along with an extra length grab rail on entry.

All cabs also come with standard driver comforts including air conditioning, cup holders, large door pockets, overhead storage compartments, a multimedia stereo system and substantial in-cab noise reduction. All models in this range come with driver air bags and pre-tension and load limiter seatbelts, creating a range of trucks with top class crashworthiness performance.

On top of all this, Isuzu’s new Gen 6 engine range has had an upgrade. Most of the engines now have more power and torque across the range, based on an advanced high pressure common rail diesel engine, which is impressive; but even more so is the ability to reach the stringent Euro 4 emissions requirements.

The new engines produce as little as 1/6th the particulate matter of competitors and use less fuel than their equivalents.

The main contributor to this achievement is Isuzu’s DPD (Diesel Particular Diffuser), a state of the art emission control system. The DPD cleans the exhaust gases as they leave the engine before they are expelled into the atmosphere, reducing particular matter by up to a whopping 90 percent.

The new transmission offers a smooth transition between gear changes; the manual models have synchro overdrive, offering smoother gear shifts at high torque ratios, which offers a wider spread of change options.

Also available in selected models is Isuzu’s AMT (Automated Manual Transmission), a similar concept to having a manual/automatic option available in today’s sports cars. Overall the engines offer a light weight, high torque and clean and more economical running engine.

All new models are compliant with the new stringent braking rules. These models have varying braking options such as ABS and anti skid regulators, traction control regulators on all models with AOH brakes and electronic brake force distribution.

Overall the range has been built from the ground up with impeccable testing to ensure all trucks meet the SEE philosophy.

Testing and research has included hundreds of 3D computer-generated virtual models created and tested to refine airflow, stress testing, strength analysis, aerodynamics, and prototype testing to the equivalent of 33 laps around the world.

New Zealand’s domestic market is now privileged to have a comprehensive and complete range of driver safe, powerful environmentally friendly trucks available.


For more info and specs on the range contact one of New Zealand’s Isuzu master truck dealers:
TCL Isuzu
Commercial Autos Ltd
Shorland Holden
Deakin Motors Ltd
Moller Johnson Motors Ltd CablePrice (NZ) Ltd
Wadsco Motors Ltd
Blackwell Motors Ltd
Smallbone Bros. Ltd
Cooke Howlison Ltd

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