Old School Trucks: Tranzlink Pt 2

By: Dean Middleton, Photography by: Dean Middleton

Blenheim based L D Blenheim-based L&D Collins contracted this impressive Western Star to RFL prior to the takeover by Tranz Link refrigerated Blenheim based L D
D D Carriers two macks D&D Carriers ran these two Mack’s and show the stark contrast between the old and new liveries D D Carriers two macks
Ch Mack Stanton and Newport also ran this CH Mack Ch Mack
T401 Kenworth Brougham Enterprises from Christchurch ran this T401 Kenworth aptly named ‘Cool Cat’ T401 Kenworth
K100G Kenworth Another Blenheim-based unit, this K100G Kenworth was run by Warnock Transport K100G Kenworth
FLD freightliner Stanton and Newport contacted this FLD Freightliner, also out of Blenheim FLD freightliner
FLB Freightliner Crawford Carriers ran this FLB Freightliner out of Blenheim FLB Freightliner
4425 Foden AJ Dempsey contracted this 4425 Foden out of Christchurch 4425 Foden
K 100E Kenworth John Mason ran this classic looking K100E Kenworth K 100E Kenworth
CH Mark JN Kuypers ran this CH Mack—also out of Blenheim—and is pictured a short time after the takeover and is still sporting RFL stripes CH Mark

DOW takes a look at the TranzLink fleet

While Tranz Link was rebranded from Railfreight in the mid-90s, the inception of Tranz Rail’s Refrigerated Freight Business ‘Tranz Link Refrigerated’ was largely brought about by the purchase of the then nationwide carrier Refrigerated Freight Lines (RFL) in 1994.

RFL had been a major player in refrigerated transport within New Zealand and this was noted as a major purchase at the time.

Like RFL, Tranz Link Refrigerated also provided temperature controlled freight services throughout the country, although a significantly larger volume moved via Rail with Ice Liner rail wagons and the like.

The refrigerated division also used an owner-operator model, which again meant almost all makes and models of trucks available in New Zealand at the time could be seen in the refrigerated fleet.

Halls -refrigerated -transport

In saying an increased volume of refrigerated freight was moved by rail, there was still a significant fleet of trucks utilised for all of the company’s road movements to and from rail heads, for express linehaul, and to and from areas where there was no rail network.

In the early 2000s, like Tranz Link, their general freight counterparts, the refrigerated division, also adopted the new dark blue livery with silver and white stripes, and subsequently, they too came under Toll New Zealand Umbrella.

The new dark blue livery and stripes remained with the Toll takeover, however, they were then renamed, Toll Tranz Link.

While the general freight division was gradually rebranded to Toll New Zealand’s teal livery that we see on our roads today, the entire refrigerated division was sold to Halls Refrigerated Transport in 2005.

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