VIDEO: Hyster Hi-Reach

“Mate, if you want to have a look at a real good piece of equipment then you should see our new Hyster Hi-Reach container loader”.

Those were some of the words that Darcy Hart, manager of transport, business development for Tapper Transport said to me over a beer. It took a few months to get around to viewing the machine which is based at the Southdown (T2) hub in Penrose, Auckland, but it proved a worthy subject. This hub is where the rail journey begins or ends for Port of Tauranga containerised freight as it waits for the daily Bay of Plenty train before heading off-shore for foreign lands, or for recent freight arrivals to this country – a final truck ride to its Auckland region de-vanning destination.

To read this story in full see here. See below for video.

Hyster1.jpg Hyster1.jpg
Hyster2.jpg Hyster2.jpg
Hyster3.jpg Hyster3.jpg
Hyster4.jpg Hyster4.jpg
Hyster5.jpg Hyster5.jpg

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