Profile: Liebherr PR 764

Liebherr PR 764 The hydrostatic drive uses four variable displacement pumps and motors in a closed loop circuit Liebherr PR 764
Liebherr PR 764 Servicing is easier Liebherr PR 764
Liebherr PR 764 An additional coolbox container and air conditioning comes as standard Liebherr PR 764
Liebherr PR 764 This PR 764 is at work on a refuse site in New Zealand Liebherr PR 764
Liebherr PR 764 The smaller PR 734 and PR 744 models in action Liebherr PR 764

The world’s largest hydrostatically-driven crawler tractor, the Liebherr PR 764, was introduced into the market in 2005 and has since enjoyed immense popularity with customers all around the world.

Profile: Liebherr PR 764
The compact design of the components enables maximum ground clearance

A pioneering drive concept lies behind the PR 764 Litronic. The 310kW/422hp Liebherr V8 diesel engine D 9508 A7 drives the crawler — hydrostatically — using four variable displacement pumps and motors in a closed loop circuit. This drive system does not merely deliver maximum dozing and ripping power in all speed ranges, but also makes the PR 764 Litronic the world's largest hydrostatically-driven crawler, weighing in at around 52.5 tonnes.

Innovative machine design

The innovative machine design of the PR 764 Litronic follows the layout and ergonomic concept of all fourth generation Liebherr crawlers. Thanks to distinctive angled outer edges, the modern ROPS/FOPS cab offers the operator optimal all-round visibility and an excellent view of the front blade attachment and the rear ripper.

The premium operator area, with spacious dimensions, ample storage, an additional cool box container and air conditioning as standard, also enhances driving comfort.

Noise emissions inside the cab are already low due to the good insulation, and are further reduced by the extremely low rated engine speed of just 1600rpm and the load-sensing hydrostatic fans. A reversing fan option is also available for extremely dusty applications.

Easy-to-access service hatches, a refuelling point at the side, the standard tilting cab and centrally-arranged maintenance groups allow straightforward servicing and at the same time guarantee safe operation of the PR 764 Litronic.

Maximum dozing and ripping power Liebherr -PR-764-1

The infinitely variable hydrostatic drive automatically adapts the driving speed and the traction to the respective requirements. Irrespective of whether the machine is being used for heavy ripping jobs or for material transport, the optimal drive ratio is always available. Interruptions to the power flow by changing gears does not occur. The diesel engine runs continuously in the optimum speed range. This reduces fuel consumption, lessening the impact on the environment and increasing the service life of the machine.

The particularly low centre of gravity on the hydrostatic drive supports the safe use of the machine, even on extremely steep slopes. The compact design of the components enables maximum ground clearance, which is a decisive advantage for use on rocky terrain.

An optional single or double link bogie-type undercarriage allows the chains to adapt to the type of ground. This results in a considerable increase of grouser contact improving traction, particularly on hard or rocky ground. The elastic suspension offsets ground unevenness and reduces impact loads to a minimum. Thus not only is the service life of the running gear extended, but the entire machine is protected against damage over the long term.

Developed for the toughest mining applications

The requirement profile was already determined for tough use in open-pit mining operations in the development phase.

This is why, for example, the PR 764 Litronic is equipped as standard with a hydrostatic cooling system tailored to harsh requirements and optional wear protection of all exposed parts of the work equipment is included.

Areas of application

Liebherr crawlers prove themselves day-in day-out in the most diverse uses around the world.

The application use of the PR 764 spectrum ranges from the toughest ripping applications in rock, to diverse mining applications and special applications in thermal power plants, cellulose plants and landfill sites. Liebherr offers numerous configuration kits, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and performance for these industrial applications.

Advantages of the PR 764 Litronic


  • Uninterrupted hydrostatic drive with high traction force
  • High dozing power
  • Large ground clearance


  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Excellent ease of maintenance
  • Long maintenance intervals
  • Long service life of running gear


  • Designed especially for construction machine usage

Components from Liebherr

  • Wear-free drive concept
  • Modern hydrostatic cooling system


  • Ergonomic cab
  • Optimal all-round visibility
  • Low noise emissions
  • Simple and precise joystick operation

For more information contact Liebherr New Zealand on (09) 579 4999.

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