Kawasaki ZV Series wheel loaders

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The ZV series offers heavy duty loaders from 65ZV to the 135ZV available with a selection of buckets or grapples to suit a wide range of applications from log handling to quarrying and construction

Kawasaki ZV Series wheel loaders
Kawasaki ZV Series wheel loaders
  • Fuel economy without compromising power
  • Built-in diagnostic tools
  • Smooth, quick and powerful movement
  • Small turns and responsive operation
  • Simple servicing and reduced maintenance costs

Kawasaki wheel loaders have been around for over 45 years, culminating in the latest series of loaders, the ZV models.

The turbo-charged and intercooled Cummins engine generates high power while meeting Euro Stage IIIA and EPA Tier III Emission standards. It also features built-in diagnostic tools that allow technicians to diagnose and analyse any problems.

Innovations include the computer-controlled ECM Engine Control Module, which allows the engine performance to be modified to fit the application requirements.


Fuel efficiency and productivity are achieved through the power/fuel efficient mode selection, which allows the operator to select the power mode for maximum power in extreme applications, or the fuel efficient mode for better fuel use.

The idle management system also enhances fuel conservation allowing for lower idle speed when idling for prolonged periods of time, while increasing idle speed and reducing fan speed when the engine is cold.

Extra digging power comes from Kawasaki's Z-link arm, while new torque converters deliver large torque capacity with improved traction. Increased dumping clearance and reach allows easier loading. 40-degree turning angles on both sides facilitate small turns and responsive operation.


Strong full box section frames resist twisting. Bigger loads and greater load retention are made possible through the high breakout force and excellent bucket rollback.

A number of features simplify servicing and reduce maintenance costs. For example, the sealed universal joints which only require greasing every 12,000 hours, the special seal in the bucket hinge pin which extends pin life, easy engine access panels and convenient location of filters.

The Machine Operation Diagnostic Module (MODM) means both operators and maintenance personnel can determine key operating data including trouble shooting, while the optional Ride Control Feature offers smoother riding for improved load retention and increased travel speeds.

Features that make operation safe and comfortable include expansive cab glass for visibility, fully certified ROPS and FOPS canopy, tilting and telescopic steering and a single shift change lever.

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