Meiwa MSR7M double drum walk-behind roller

By: Tim Dittmer, Photography by: Tim Dittmer

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Tim Dittmar field tests G&S Civil’s Meiwa MSR7M roller and finds it an efficient and safe piece of equipment.

Meiwa MSR7M double drum walk-behind roller
The Meiwa MSR7M roller about to get into the action.

The Meiwa brand has been around since 1947 and specialises in small compaction equipment and concrete cutters, which are manufactured in Japan and shipped worldwide. Advanced Machinery in Porirua, Wellington, distribute the Meiwa brand here in New Zealand, having been importing direct from Japan for seven years with dealers throughout the country.

Alf Siriman from G&S Civil Ltd recently purchased a new Meiwa MSR7M double drum walk-behind roller from Advanced Machinery to assist with their operations. G&S Civil undertake everything from earthworks and drainage through to roading and paving and predominantly use the new roller to compact asphalt in restricted sites.

The MSR7M has an operating weight of 740kg and is powered by a water-cooled Kubota diesel engine producing 5.2kW. This is coupled to the hydraulic pump via a centrifugal clutch that reduces the load on the engine while starting by disengaging the pump. The hydraulic pump powers both the vibrator and the steel rolling drums, a 20-degree grade can be negotiated because the two drums are both driven giving better traction.

The Meiwa roller has several safety features to help reduce the risk of injury to the operator. These include a manually applied pin locking parking brake. A contact-operated emergency stop lever mounted on the handlebars disengages the drive as soon as the operator's body pushes on it. Also, the engine can not be started unless the drive lever is in neutral and there is a head light to assist in night-time operation.

The heavy-duty frame is rigidly constructed to reduce fatigue and torsional stresses as the roller passes over uneven terrain. The drums are mounted on to rubber isolating blocks that absorb the 2040kg of centrifugal force created by the vibrators, putting the impact onto the ground and not into the machine. Incorporated into the frame are tie-down points and also a lifting eye, allowing easy craning of the roller.

The Meiwa is simple to use, with only three levers to control it. There is a forward/reverse lever, a variable speed lever offering adjustment from 0-3.5kph and the third lever engages the vibrator.

Jack Tawhara from G&S Civil, who demonstrated the Meiwa roller to me, says that the roller is easy to use and does a good job but if he could change anything it would be the location of the water sprinkler taps. As Tawhara has to frequently adjust the water flow to suit the job, he says it would be great to have the controls on the handle by the other levers. That aside, it's a very good machine fitted with quality components, like the electric start Kubota engine. Owner Alf Siriman says, "Advanced Machinery supplied the roller complete with a purpose built trailer and it's turned out to be an excellent package."

"This sized roller is ideal to work on sites where space is limited and it is performing very well, with a bit more use the sharp edges will have worn off the drums giving a better finish to the compacted asphalt," says Tawhara.

For more information contact Advanced Machinery, ph 04 237 0308 or visit Or contact G&S Civil Ltd, ph 04 239 8086.

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