2010 Hyundai HL760-7A loader

By: Randolph Covich, Photography by: Randolph Covich

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Simple and smooth to drive, the Hyundai HL760-7A wheel loader is a reliable machine with plenty of power.

2010 Hyundai HL760-7A loader
The bucket on the 2010 Hyundai HL760-7A loader has been extended.
  • Auto-greasing system
  • Simple to read, low profile dash
  • Excellent forward visibility
  • Ride control system ensures smooth ride
  • Engine performs well

When Auckland's Wayne Ashford and his wife Anna set up a new contracting business in the Avondale industrial area, they needed a new loader. Wayne says with a variety of good choices, his main concern was minimising breakdowns and downtime.

After much consideration he placed a call to Porter Group's Paul Gorrie, and a deal for an 18-tonne Hyundai HL760-7A loader was put together in under 10 minutes.

So, it was relatively new machine I encountered when it was time to put the Hyundai through a yard workout.

The Cab

The cab is well-appointed with a nice driving position. What struck me first was the feeling of spaciousness, no doubt due to the full-height, pillarless front windscreen. This really offers a great forward view.

I like the layout of the instrument panel, which has nice, simple-to-read gauges and it doesn't impair forward vision. Temperature controls and sound system sit overhead to the right of the operator, with light/wiper switches etc, adjacent on the left side. This keeps the cab interior relatively uncluttered.

Controls for the on-board greasing system sit near the bucket-operating stick, with settings for different environmental conditions. Reversing is assisted by two exterior and two interior mirrors, which help reduce the obstruction from the cool-looking but inconveniently-located exhaust stack.

A storage area is alongside the operator's seat, and provides a nice spot to place cellphone, drink and knick knacks. It also contains a cigarette lighter and spare outlet for phone charger or the like.

Engine and Power

Like the XCMG ZL50G loader, this machine runs a Tier3/StageIII Cummins QSB6.7 engine. Or in laymen speak, a turbo-charged, 6.7-litre, six-cylinder, emission-compliant Cummins.

It certainly sounds nice and performs well, and in my opinion is well-suited in this type of machine. But I was a bit disappointed with the access to it.

In the Hyundai's favour, the guards swing out of the way and access doors are provided where possible, but little things like providing easy access to top up engine oil without the operator getting his hi-viz vest dirty are just as important as a good radio.

Performance and Handling

I really enjoyed driving this machine. Even though it's reasonably large, it's quite nimble to throw around and didn't feel much different to a 12-tonne loader. This machine is fitted with a ride control system, which explains the smooth ride.

The bucket on this particular machine has been extended to 3.75m3, but despite that pushing power and lift speed are very good. Driving hard into the piles while doing a lift doesn't seem to strain it at all.

There is quite a nifty forward and reverse button that sits atop the bucket control lever. To make the operator's life easier, a set of Loadrite scales are fitted, with wireless telemetry firing off the load info to the computer in the office.

Repairs and Maintenance

Being a fairly new machine, Wayne has not had any problems, with the exception of a leaking hydraulic line - typically, it happened late on a Friday afternoon. Porter's diverted a mechanic who was heading home, in Wayne's direction. As a result he was able to start loading out at 6am the next morning as planned.

Having an auto-greasing system also means less climbing around the machine in a pair of overalls, and it has only recently been re-topped with a refill.

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