New pressure washer attachment from Bobcat

By: Chris McCullough

Bobcat’s new 250M pressure washer attachment has undergone its first work assignment in Spain

Designed for use on Bobcat compact loaders, the new pressure washer was supplied by Talleres Turquino Grupo Epromext, the authorised dealer for Bobcat in the Galicia region of Spain. 

Marco Alonso, owner and manager of Altrasan, believes the pressure washer will be
a great cleaning tool for urban areas where there’s little room for cleaning tanks to be used.

"This will be a good attachment for use in places with older town centres and reduced access streets," says Marco. "In addition to the application on public roads, street furniture can also be cleaned, including park benches, street signs, and for COVID-19 disinfection work in addition to cleaning our own machinery."


Bobcat says the plug-and-play design of the new Bobcat pressure washer attachment provides complete peace of mind.

The new pressure washer is also versatile, as the operator can either operate the sprayer from the cab or with a handgun for more targeted high-pressure water cleaning or sanitisation of various objects.

The washing handgun and accompanying 20-metre hose reel provide an easy switch from the front sprayer to handheld washing, providing an alternative solution for cleaning apartment entrances, corners, statues, machines, cars, benches, signs, or in any tight spaces.

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