Incoming: Komatsu Dash 7 wheel loaders

Komatsu says its latest Dash 7 wheel loader range will increase productivity while significantly reducing fuel use, emissions and ownership costs for Komatsu customers across a range of industries.

Komatsu _dash7

The soon-to-be-released Dash 7 range leverages Komatsu’s global technology leadership and responds directly to the needs of operators and owners from the frontline of their businesses, incorporating cutting edge mechanical and digital technologies and the highest operator comfort.

Komatsu national business manager – quarries, Richard Feehely, says the Dash 7 range will improve customer productivity while lowering the cost of ownership.

"Reducing operating costs is front of mind for Australasian construction, material handling and quarry businesses; and the Dash 7’s technology and efficiency react to market needs for cleaner, greener machines with exceptional performance."

Producing more power and using less fuel, the six new wheel loaders in the Dash 7 range are powered by Komatsu’s Tier 4 Interim Engines, with emissions certified by EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage 3B.

Komatsu’s new engines combine next generation high-pressure common rail fuel injection (HPCR), Komatsu’s variable geometry turbocharger (KVGT), cooled exhaust gas recirculation technology and the Komatsu diesel particulate filter (KDPF) to reduced fuel consumption and emissions while delivering exceptional performance.

Komatsu’s latest SmartLoader Logic technology also plays a key role in cutting costs and maximising efficiency.

Komatsu SmartLoader Logic constantly evaluates information on load and working conditions from sensors throughout the driveline and work equipment. It continuously modifies engine torque to ensure that no excessive engine power is used, saving fuel without impacting on production.

Other fuel saving technology includes Komatsu Auto Idle Shutdown, a dual mode engine power select system, variable displacement piston pumps and a closed-centre load sensing hydraulic system that is designed to save substantial amounts of input power; further helping to reduce fuel consumption.

Komatsu’s Eco-Guidance system provides live fuel-saving recommendations to operators via the main screen while logging information to assist fleet managers in identifying and managing operator efficiency.

"While increasing productivity, the new range of wheel loaders takes a multi-tiered approach to reduce fuel consumption. The new range will see customers extract more from their investment," says Feehely.

A redesigned cabin and dashboard offers improved operator ergonomics and a comfortable environment, with a significant reduction in cabin noise intrusion. A rear-view monitoring system and large multi-lingual LCD monitor ensure visibility and functionality from any seating position.

"The new interior is representative of Komatsu’s ‘as standard’ high level of spec, with drastically reduced noise at the operator’s ear," says Feehely.

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