Topcon C-63 ensures accurate compaction

By: Media Release

Specifically engineered for compactors, the new Topcon C-63 indicate system is designed to precisely track compaction with minimal equipment operation.

Topcon C-63 ensures accurate compaction
The Topcon C-63 is designed to accurately track compaction.

Featuring innovative Topcon GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) technology and an intuitive to use full-colour display, the C-63 indicate system provides crucial compaction data to the machine operator in real time, helping to ensure accurate and predictable results.

"While compaction is often regarded as a low key aspect of the asphalt paving process, it's integral to the success of the overall project to get it absolutely perfect," says Mike Milne, managing director of New Zealand Topcon importer and consultancy firm, Synergy Positioning Systems.

"Over- or under-compaction can lead to premature stress and failure on roadways and other paved surfaces, so ensuring thorough compaction during the construction process is vital. The C-63 system monitors compaction across every pass the machine makes, giving operators assuredness of accuracy through every phase of the process."

Combining common engineering data to help maintain conformance throughout the entire process, the C-63 system ensures maximum efficiency and control are achieved, with the system's simple colour-coded display screen helping operators keep track of cumulative compaction through pass counts and status reporting.

What's more, the C-63 system also integrates seamlessly with Topcon's Sitelink3D site management system.

On larger scale asphalt paving jobs it's not uncommon for a number of compactors to be working within the one site. Connecting with the Topcon Sitelink3D site management system, the C-63 unit allows operators of all compactors in the same area to see the work already performed by other machines, thereby preventing multiple machines travelling over surfaces already compacted to their required amounts, saving both time and money.

"Utilising these innovations from Topcon essentially means over-compaction is a thing of the past," concludes Milne.

"Work on projects can be completed sooner and contractors will achieve optimal pass counts every time, ensuring that our clients' reputations for quality work continue to grow with the help of Topcon's globally recognised technology."

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