Komatsu's Hybrid excavator goes head-to head with Toyota's Prius

By: Komatsu

In an unusual “road test” Komatsu’s award-winning Hybrid excavator was put through its paces against Toyota’s hybrid Prius car by leading motoring writer Joshua Downing, the Sydney Daily Telegraph’s and News Ltd’s national motoring editor.

Komatsu's Hybrid excavator goes head-to head with Toyota's Prius
Komatsu’s Hybrid excavator goes head-to-head with Toyota’s Prius

Downing's "road test" looked at the technology and fuel-saving features of Komatsu's 21 tonne HB215LC Hybrid excavator, comparing them with those of Toyota's iconic Prius.

"Weighing a pinch over 21 tonnes, it's a far cry from the Toyota Prius C, one of Australia's cheapest hybrid cars. Its bright yellow arm (capable of carrying a 2450kg load) could lift two of the tiny-tot Toyotas in one deft swing-and still have room to dig some dirt," he wrote in the March 1 edition of The Daily Telegraph.

The review has since appeared nationally on News Ltd's website, as well as in the company's major metropolitan and community newspapers around Australia.

After nervously getting into the Komatsu Hybrid's cab to test its digging abilities Downing concludes: "Eventually I got the swing of it and the machine's minders had to bang on the soundproof door to get me out. And to think-people get paid to have this much fun."

The review, including side-by-side spec comparisons, can be read here.

Komatsu Australia is the Australian and New Zealand distributor for Komatsu construction and mining equipment.

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