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Find out what the 13 finalists of the CablePrice National Excavator Operator Championship had to say about Attach2 gear


Attach2, the official provider of attachments at the recent CablePrice National Excavator Operator Championship, sought feedback from the top 13 finalists regarding their experiences with A2 gear and if they had used A2 attachments before. Here’s what the experts had to say.

Troy Calteaux, current National Champion: "Yep. Real good. Well-built with good back-up. We do heavy work, and they get worked hard but stay together."

 Troy Calteaux, current National Champion

Mike Bowe, Waikato Regional Champion: "I like the innovation side of A2 that I’ve noticed in A2 digging buckets with a few extra features here and there."

Jim Beamsley, Manawatu Regional Champion: "Love the Multi-Grab. Great control. Awesome for demolition. Mk3 Grab Bucket with BIS400 wear plates (Hardox) and solid teeth is awesome, too."

Steven George, Northland Regional Champion: "I’ve used Heli-Tilt + A2 wide, trench, tock buckets, and a ripper. Heli-tilt is amazing. Love the 90-degree tilting each way."

Isaac Wrigley, Canterbury/Westland Regional Champion: "They’re great and very tight. A2 quick hitches work very well." Corey Olsen, Wellington Regional Champion: "They’re good. Very nice."

Marni Kemp, Bay of Plenty Regional Champion: "They’re really good. Pretty easy to change over attachments and strong too." Brenden Ferguson, Southland Regional Champion: "I’ve only used the gear during the competition. They’re good. Well-built and sturdy."

Jarrod Hoskins, Auckland Regional Champion: "I found the A2 Multi-Grab Bucket good for placing and lifting rocks." Daniel McPham, Hawke’s Bay Regional Champion: "They’re good — love them. Heli-tilts and Ram-tilts. Good at changing attachments."


Shaun Curtis, Taranaki Regional Champion: "Those A2 cleaning (wide) buckets have a good shape on the bottom. They’re great for ‘finishing’ work."

Simon Wenham, Nelson/Marlborough Regional Champion: "I’ve only used them here at NEOC. I like the idea of the A2 All-In-One bucket. They look good quality and they set up well."

Kaleb Hollands, Otago Regional Champion: "I’ve only used it here during competition. They are pretty good. Very responsive. We’re not using them in our workplace back home, but if I owned the company, I’d definitely buy some."

Overall, it seems the feedback attests to Attach2’s durability, innovation, versatility, and ease of use.

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