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Neilo Equipment, based in Palmerston North, has been crafting a unique range of grader and road sweepers since its conception in 2005

The Neilo B3150 grader range

Neilo Equipment, based in Palmerston North, has been crafting a unique range of grader and road sweepers since its conception in 2005. Developed as a way to move on some 70hp 2WD tractors, the first Neilo graders were a hit.

Neil O’Fee, the founder, took this demand from strength to strength, with his engineering prowess being put to good use. All products are built upon Kubota tractors, renowned worldwide for their reliability and performance.

This makes them the perfect match for Neilo’s precision-engineered sweepers and graders, all installed without affecting the original Kubota warranty. With all components built to last, they’re a reliable investment that will be with operators for the long haul.

Neilo B3150 grader

The newest addition, this innovative Grader combines the perfect amount of power in an easy-to-transport form. Weighing in at a mere 1300kg, it’s ideal for pathways and driveways alike.

The 1.85-metre blade features removable wings for additional capacity and a reversible cutting edge. Also available with a front broom, detachable loader, custom-built Brent Smith trailer, and a complete Leica Laser/2D system for the ultimate precision.

Neilo M7040 grader

The M7040 cabin grader, the largest in the range

A powerful tractor 70hp, with a precision 2.4-metre-wide under-slung blade makes for a formidable combination. It’s available with either an open cab or a comfortable air-conditioned cabin for year-round comfort.

The innovative grading system enables the operatorto make fine adjustments as you move, while the blade design allows the operator to slew on a level plain (when in rolled back mode).

Combined with an optional Leica Laser/2D system, these features result in a precision finish. Add on a quick hitch front broom, a dust suppression unit, and/or choose from a whole variety of safety features to meet the site’s specifications.

Neilo B3150 Road Broom

The compact Neilo B3150 road broom

This compact tractor broom is a combination of performance and reliability. The large, high-performance 1.75-metre-wide road broom is hydraulically operated from the air-conditioned and heated cabin.

The innovative design allows the user to sweep at the exact positioning required while enabling to replace worn brushes quickly and efficiently with only a hammer and two spanners.

A top-mounted ‘Top Spin’ pre-cleaner protects the engine from dust. Available with an optional Dust Suppression unit, a custom-built Brent Smith trailer, and various safety features to keep operators safe.

Neilo L5740 Road Broom

The road sweeper is built for the serious contractor. The big brother of the B3150, this machine has nearly double the horsepower of its little brother at 59hp to help speed through tasks.

The unique spring-activated broom design follows the lateral pivot, reducing brush wear and coning. Order it with a choice of a 1.75-metre or 2.1-metre broom, an optional Dust Suppression unit, windscreen protectors, and a custom-built Brent Smith trailer.

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